1). We are like cooped up chicken


Well, you must know that as kids we are very energetic (you will surely know that from your own kids at home), we like activity and that’s our life. We seriously dislike being cooped up in a room hour after hour. We wonder why we don’t have rotation system for classes so that we get to stretch our restless limbs.

2). The silent monks


We know you have prepared hard for the lesson you are going to teach us today, but why don’t give us a chance to interact with you during class on the subject? Surely, it is boring to go on speaking for 40 minutes at a stretch? We are sure you will understand that we cannot sit like silent monks for 8 hours without falling asleep due to the charming effect of the lectures.

3). We are the 3g (sorry) 4g generation, patience is not our strongest suit



We know how –during your childhood- you had to study the hard and conventional way, through those monstrous, thick and heavy creatures called ‘books’. But, unfortunately, we don’t possess the admirable trait of patience. We are the 4g generation; we get information at our fingertips in microseconds. How can anyone expect us to thumb through pages of books and study through them? As our teachers, you know that we can be educated better through e-learning.

4). We need the play time as much as class time


There is no doubt that what you are teaching is of utmost importance, much more important than the game we are dying to play in the break. But we are so eager to play only to be refreshed for the next class. Can you please conclude the lesson as soon as it’s time has ended? We promise we will love you more and pay more attention too!

With the deepest respect and humility we request you to please make us learn and love our subjects, not just study them to pass the exams.