UK is one of those countries which are old in their existence, rich in their culture and beautiful in their geography. Therefore, a chance to study in UK should not be considered merely as an opportunity to study but should also be used to explore the country. Here is what you can do apart from your studies if you study in UK.

  1. Experience the magic of London



You might have seen London in James Bond movies, read about it in Harry Potter novels and heard about it from various people. But, even if you know what London offers, experiencing it yourself will baffle you and it won’t be long before you are enveloped in its magic.

Even if your university is not located in London, you cannot afford to miss visiting it. It has everything, from the top and famous universities, to museums and historical structures.

  1. Get lost in the countryside



One of the most amazing things about UK is that, its highly urbanised but also has lush green fields and forests. The countryside of UK is filled with beautiful valleys. Areas like the Lake District and Peak District (in England), the Antrim Coast (in Northern Ireland), the Wye Valley (in Wales), the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides (a group of islands off Scotland) will make you want to get lost in the natural environment.

  1. The river streams of Oxford and Cambridge


The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are not only for famous for being the best educational institutions, they are also known for the beautiful towns in which they are located. One of the most defining things about these towns are its beautiful streams. You can hire a punt (a flat boat which is rowed by long poles) and go on ‘punting’ through the streams, which are surrounded by greenery.

  1. Observe the rich culture at Edinburgh


If you want to observe the various cultural colours of UK then you must visit Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and one of the most populous cities in UK. It is known for the art festivals it hosts, especially the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which is the largest arts festival in the world, featuring more than 3000 shows from 51 countries, the show spans over 25 days and is held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  1. Attend a sports event


Even if you are not a football fan, you will surely have heard names such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. These are some of the most famous football teams in the world and have millions of fans. If you live in UK then you should surely attend a football game and get infected by its fever.

Apart from football, there is also Cricket which you can watch at the legendary Lord’s stadium.