We often hear that USA is the top location to pursue higher studies. We also hear how students try hard to get admitted into USA colleges and universities and to what lengths they go to secure a seat. Here are the top 7 reasons which will explain why it is the most sought after country for higher education.

  1. They are simply the best!


Academic excellence is one of the basic criteria based on which universities and colleges are ranked and reputed. The major reason behind having academic excellence in colleges of USA is that they have faculty and staff which comprise of the best people in their respective fields.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2014, 6 out of the top 10 universities are located in USA.

  1. The learning haven



USA boasts of the best colleges in the world. The universities in USA have infrastructure which will make you fall in love with their campuses; laboratories which will convert you into Dr. Octopus; and playgrounds and stadiums which will make the sports beast inside you roar in approval.

  1. The cultural hub


Studying in colleges in USA offers you more than a degree. USA attracts 16% of the overall international students. You can imagine how culturally diverse its colleges and universities must be.  Studying in such an atmosphere is sure to give an unforgettable cultural experience to the students.

  1. The rainbow of courses


Students get a lot of options to study courses of their interest. Every university or college is known for some specific courses and degrees that are popular. Furthermore, there are highly acclaimed institutions which offer courses in humanities and arts, something which is not witnessed in developing countries, especially Asia, where there are fewer colleges which are reputed and are limited to conventional courses.  The courses are also much more flexible and often let students opt for more than one major.

  1. Merit matters more than money


Unlike in some countries where seats can be attained by ‘donating’ money to the institutions, you cannot buy a seat in a college in USA. The only way you can gain admission into them is by scoring high in the entrance exams and having a good academic record.

  1. Done studying? You can start earning


Once you have graduated from a college in USA, your resume will get heavier (not literally). A degree from a USA based college always carries more weight than any local university. Furthermore, there are many job opportunities in the USA itself. The colleges and universities also have special departments to help students in job interviews and placements.