Yale is one of those colleges which is the subject of educational fantasies for many students. Considered as one of the best institutions in the world, Yale is one of the 8 Ivy League colleges in USA. Following are some stunning facts about the university.

yale campus

1. Name matters

Yale is named after a businessman Elihu Yale, who was the governor of the British East India Company and many consider him to be the most overrated philanthropist of that era (no offence meant). The reason: The University had many other benefactors, most prominent among them Jeremiah Dummer but his name did not sound appealing and Yale was selected.

elbuhu yale

2. 2000 courses

Yes, that was not a typo. Yale offers nearly 2000 undergraduate courses in various fields and streams. Most of its faculty is dedicated to teach undergraduate students.


3. Safer than a bank

There is a structure at Yale which is so secure and safe that in case of a fire, people in it will have only 30 seconds to get out before the structure will suck out all oxygen, release a lethal, but fire suppressing gas and will immediately fall in an underground vault. And no, it’s not a bank. It’s the Yale Library which has more than 15 million books.

yale library

4. They trained monkeys to use money

In 2005, a duo from Yale successfully trained seven Capuchin monkeys to use money and the monkeys actually used the knowledge to buy something for themselves. Now, that’s something!

monkey 2

5. Producer of the powerful

Till now, Yale has produced 5 US presidents, 52 Nobel Laureates, 19 US Supreme Court Justices and 13 living billionaires. Not to say hundreds of members of the US Congress and high level diplomats.

yale genius

6. They have their match

The rivalry between Harvard and Yale is one of the most cherished and legendary rivalries in the world. It all began with a football game in 1875 and till now the rivalry continues as every year, a football match takes place between the teams of both institutions.