The world has gone beyond just report cards with 72% of the top universities in India and abroad looking for a focused student profile that goes beyond academics. In addition, 82% of the leading progressive schools of the country also recommend a profile ‘Beyond Marks’.

With growing competition among applicants in universities across India and abroad, leading universities across the globe have introduced innovative methods and unique requirements in their admission processes.

top universities in world

Univariety had recently conducted a survey asking top educators in India to share their views on the importance and need to go beyond academics today. Here are some notable shares:

Ms. Jyothy Ramachandran, Principal, Mahapragya Public School, Mumbai

Mahapragya Public school, Mumbai

“Life is not all about academics. In India, we all suffer from #BoardTopperitis. All those who have students studying in Class X or Class XII suffer from this. It is a specific condition where the student is troubled by a monster called Boards. We don’t let those students live in peace. We don’t allow them to be their own pure self. 400 times a second the student is reminded by “Oh you are in the Boards this year”. Unless we discover a cure for this, there is no respite for our students. Don’t we remember that naughty student who provided us with gags and bouts of laughter? Of course we do, though he was no way near the topper category. Then why this hue and cry about Academics? I support in going BEYOND ACADEMICS for student success!”

Mr. Vikram Soni, Sr. Academic Counsellor, Amity University and a Career Coach

University and a Career Coach

“In the process to go Beyond Academics, students need to understand and implement the 7Cs in life:

  • Conception
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Character
  • Capacity

In order to enjoy becoming a good human being and achieving a successful life.”

Well, progressive schools across India are stressing on the need to have a strong non-academic student profile. Here are some of the top educators across India who believe in going beyond academics for student success.

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