Do you want your child to have a summer experience of a lifetime? To top it up, imagine a summer spent at one of the world’s best Universities, the University of Oxford!

DPS, RK Puram

DPS, RK Puram

Let me guide you to my summer program experience at Trinity College at the University of Oxford, which has motivated me to excel in my life ahead.

I am Esha, a Grade 11 student from DPS RK Puram and I attended the Oxford Royale Academy’s (ORA)  summer course in 2018 for Medicine. I opted for this course as it gave me the ability to learn more about Medicine Biology and how I could pursue a career in it. In just 2 weeks, I got to know all the essentials which would arm be in converting a seat at leading Medical colleges across the globe.  


About the Program


Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford Royale Academy

The Oxford Royale Academy is an award-winning provider of residential summer programs and is headquartered in Oxford, UK. The program is committed to providing academic excellence and in the process guide students to develop their academic capabilities.  


The Oxford Royale Academy’s offers summer courses at some of the leading global universities of the world like:

Campuses under Oxford Royale Academy Summer courses


My Experiences at ORA’s Medicine Course


Trinity College, University of OxfordMy ORA Summer course started on July 1st, 2018 at Trinity College, Oxford University and lasted till July 14th and it was one of the best trips I have undertaken so far. We had regular classes on specialized domains within medicine with cardiology being my favourite. My instructor used to help all of us in linking the domains within medicine and how each stands as an independent discipline of study.

In addition, there were intensive discussions with college counsellors on a range of topics like:

  • Personal Statement and Interview preparation: This served as a potential trigger point for me to consider Medicine within the UK as there are a range of options available in terms of jobs and scholarships. The Medicine summer course gave me a headstart in my university application process due to its intensive immersion experiences.
  • Exam Preparation: My summer course helped me in learning about the BMAT exam. As a BMAT exam is quite different as its style is confusing to someone who appears for the very first time. My course instructors at Trinity College guided me through the exam pattern and I also got numerous chances to appear for mock tests as well.


In all this hustle to be a better medical student and professional, I got to learn the essence of teamwork and in the process made new friends particularly, Katarina from Serbia who would be returning to the UK for the same course as I would, hopefully.


Here’s hoping to be a part of this very same college which gave flight to my dreams. Fingers crossed!


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