Leading Universities across the globe offer cutting-edge summer programs for school students with some prominent ones being:

Leading Universities offering Summer Programs

Leading Universities offering Summer Programs

These Pre-College Summer Programs guides students in:

  • Gaining the much-needed clarity on courses and colleges to apply to,
  • Building strong networks outside of campus, and
  • Building college ready profiles

A better-prepared student increases his or her chances of admission success at Top colleges and in turn, builds a better alumni network for your school.

We bring to you two such students from prominent Indian schools who attended two prestigious Pre-College Summer Programs at Top Universities which included:


  1. Oxford Royale Academy (ORA):

Oxford Royale Academy

The Oxford Royale Academy is an award-winning provider of residential summer programs and is headquartered in Oxford, UK. The program is committed to providing academic excellence and in the process guide students to develop their academic capabilities and achieve success.


The Oxford Royale Academy’s offers summer courses at some of the leading global universities of the world like:


Universities offering Oxford Royale Academy courses

Universities offering Oxford Royale Academy courses

Trinity College, Oxford University

Esha, a Grade 11 student at DPS, RK Puram attended the Oxford Royale Academy’s summer course in 2018 for Medicine.



She was quoted as saying,

My ORA Summer course started on July 1st, 2018 at Trinity College, Oxford University and lasted till July 14t. It was one of the best trips I have undertaken so far. We had regular classes on specialized domains within medicine with cardiology being my favourite. My instructor used to help all of us in linking the domains within medicine and each stands as an independent discipline of study.


2. National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC):

National Student Leadership Conference

The NSLC is a leading summer program that hosts career-focused leadership conferences for select high school students. All this while making students experience college life in actual dorms and immersing them through a range of programs like lectures, leadership workshops, off-campus field trips.

NSLC offers courses on the campuses of 13 leading Universities across the world like:

Universities offering NSLC

Universities offering NSLC



Nitya, a Grade 9 student from Oakridge International School, Gachibowli attended the NSLC program during her summers. She undertook the Journalism and Mass Communication course at University of California Berkeley.


Her journey can be best summarized in her own words,

“I was exposed to a range of topics like perspective, consumer psychology and its effects on perception to name a few that helped me in learning some of the core fundamentals and relate it to Journalism. These were coupled with two reflective workshops, one of which was called the ‘Dyadic Encounter’ and ‘The Line’. I also learnt about various dimensions of leadership and one of the key takeaways for me was the novel concept of ‘Brainsprouting’, which is a creative way of brainstorming. This was a rewarding experience for me and I hope to join UC-Berkeley for my Journalism course in the future.”


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