There is a saying; you either get into an IIT or you start envy those who did while you didn’t. Considered the best and most prestigious educational establishments in India, IITs or Indian Institutes of Technology are a chain of colleges which are famous for being the toughest colleges in India to gain admission into. Whether you envy them or admire them (or a mix- of both), here are some interesting facts about IITs which will amaze you


1. IIT students are princes

Yes. Students who get admitted at an IIT are literally princes as they get the best educational resources. The government spends approximately 3.4 Lakh Rupees on each IIT student every year.


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2. Even the US has raised their hat for them

It’s the only foreign institution whose contribution in research and innovation has been lauded by America. The US House of representatives has officially passed a resolution to this effect in 2005.

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3. Those lucky days..!

You are surely aware of the murderously brutal competition for the IIT entrance exams. The entrance exams started in 1960 while several IITs were already functioning since several years. Academic performance and interviews used to decide whether an applicant was selected or not.

Imagine how lucky those students were when there was no such exam.

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4. Airport in a college!

IIT Kanpur has its own airstrip which is now a functioning airport. The airstrip is for the aeronautical engineering students. Talk about learning practically!


5. IIT Kgp is bigger than a country

IIT Kharagpur stretches across an area of 8.5 Kilometres; so technically, it’s bigger than the smallest country of the world: The Vatican City.

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6. Applying theory into practice

In a literal move of applying theory into practice, the professors at IIT Delhi designed the roof Dogra Hall as a hyperbolic paraboloid. It means that the roof is supported only at ends with no pillars or support in the middle.

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