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Oakridge International School

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I am Nitya, a Grade 9 student from the Oakridge International School, Hyderabad who got a chance to attend the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC as it is popularly known) during my summers. I was selected for the Journalism and Mass Communication course at the University of California Berkeley for 9 days and I must tell you that I made a range of friends across the world and learnt some critical lessons in the course of my choice.


About the Program


National Student Leadership Conference

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The NSLC is a leading summer program that hosts career-focused leadership conferences for select high school students. All this while making students experience college life in actual dorms and immersing them through a range of programs like lectures, leadership workshops, off-campus field trips.


NSLC offers courses on the campuses of 13 leading Universities across the world like:

Leading Global Universities covered by NSLC

Leading Global Universities covered by NSLC


My NSLC Journey at UC Berkeley!



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My NSLC journey started as I landed on campus for the very first time in June 2017. Some of the most memorable experiences for me include my very first NSLC class on Digital Photography. Here, I was exposed to a range of topics like perspective, consumer psychology and its effects on perception to name a few that helped me in learning some of the core fundamentals and relate it to Journalism. These were coupled with two reflective workshops, one of which was called the ‘Dyadic Encounter’ and ‘The Line’.

‘Dyadic Encounter’ involved discussing deep personal questions with a fellow NSLC student whereas ‘The Line’ was where students were asked to take one step forward on hearing a question which they thought applied to their life. As an example, my friend Mika from Japan took a step forward when our instructor announced the question, “Please step forward if you have recently known someone who got into an Ivy League University”. There were instances when a few of my new friends stepped up at a negative prompt and it led everyone to bond as a team by making us aware of the value of bonds.

Another interesting aspect of the NSLC program were the leadership lessons which I was exposed to. I learnt that our first ideas are never the best ones and that requisite feedback is necessary for them to be improved upon. I also learnt about ‘brainsprouting’, which is a creative way of brainstorming. I was also directed to an amazing reading resource by our instructor, titled “Brainsprouting”.

I got to learn so much about leadership, journalism, learning techniques and made so many new friends for a lifetime in just 9 days! I would really recommend students to definitely go ahead with the NSLC program at least once in their lifetime.


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