With more than 30,000 courses in law, accounts, medicine and other disciplines, UK is one of the most desirable study destinations. Students from over 200 countries visit UK to study, and many fall in love with the country and start living there.


UK is so rich in culture and history that if one starts to explore it, even a lifetime won’t be enough to uncover all its secrets. Here are some facts which are sure to throw you into fits of laughter.

Passports for horses…and donkeys


Believe it or not, but horses, ponies and even donkeys have special passports in UK. You cannot sell an animal if you haven’t obtained its passport.

Big Ben Tower is not Big Ben Tower


The iconic structure in UK is also subject to a great irony. The Big Ben Tower’s actual name is not the Big Ben Tower. Big Ben is the name of the bell in the tower while the tower’s name is Elizabeth Tower.

The big city which is small


You may not believe it but the City of London is only 1 square mile wide. (1.12 sq. miles to be accurate) Many people are not aware that areas like the Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Regent Street technically fall under the administration of the City of Westminster.

The Queen with no passport


As all passports are issued in her name, Queen Elizabeth the second does not have a passport. And she has visited more than 116 countries. Being a queen surely has its perks.

You can’t die in the parliament


Consider it amusing or stupid but there is a law in UK according to which you cannot die in the parliament. (As if dying is a matter of choice!)

Eggs from US are illegal in UK


No, this is not a joke. Eggs from US are illegal in UK. The reason behind this is the debate on whether it’s a good idea to wash eggs before putting them on shelves. USA believes that it’s good to wash them while the UK doesn’t.

World’s shortest scheduled flight


The shortest scheduled flight in the world operates from UK at the Papa Westray Airport in Scotland. The flight time is just 2 minutes in which it covers an area of 2.8 kilometers.