With 72% of Top Global Universities looking for non-academic achievements as an essential admission requirement, academic scores are getting tougher to spot. Your students need that extra edge to stand out from the crowd.

Pre-College Summer Programs ensure that your students get that much-needed edge in terms of:

  • Clarity on course and colleges,
  • Focused profile demonstrating interest,
  • Immersive experiences to discuss during interviews, and much more!

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Leading Universities across the Globe offer Summer Programs which your students can be a part of:

global universities summer program

Here’s how your school will derive value through Summer Programs:

  1. Improved College Placement Records:

Leading Indian Schools across the country have been utilizing the power of non-academic profile building activities like Summer Programs to improve their students’ placements in top colleges:

International schools in india

Students from Top Indian Schools utilized summer programs as one of the possible X-Factors while building their profiles:

student opportunities in top universities

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  1. Proactive Student Base:

With students appearing for a range of summer courses, it will help them achieve the following:

student opportunities in top universities

  • Exposure of Real College Life: Your students get a chance to explore ‘How being at a College is like’.
  • Better College Ready Profiles: A summer program is looked at favourably by leading Universities across the globe, thus ensuring higher chances of admission converts.
  • Opportunity to meet new people: Students get an opportunity to make new friends and network with people of different cultures. They also get an opportunity to connect with professors and tutors who could guide them for the future.
  1. Improved Academic Acumen

universities guidance

Summers are an ideal time for your students to prepare for tests like SAT, ACT, etc. which would otherwise be difficult during the regular school year. One of the best ways through which students can prepare for tests is by opting for a summer program and utilize their downtime efficiently.

Some colleges offer test prep courses as a part of their summer program which helps your student to get that EDGE in University admissions.

A summer program ensures your students can learn through diverse experiences and build their profiles in the process ensuring better college placements, then what are you waiting for?



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