NASA, Hollywood and its undeniable supremacy in technology were enough to make the United States of America the most powerful nation on Earth. If that was not enough, there is another fact which has further elevated its status in the world. The fact that it’s also the most preferred destination for education among the international students. According to a report published by UNESCO, US attracts the highest number of international students with 16% of them studying in its various colleges and universities.


What makes US the most preferred destination is not a secret. There are several reasons for the attraction it poses to students around the globe.

1). Best universities

It’s a known fact that US has the best universities in the world. From Harvard, and Yale to MIT and Stanford, US is home to the best educational institutions around the world. These universities are famous for the quality of education they provide. According to the QS World University Rankings, 11 out of the top 20 universities in the world are in US.

2). Best resources


When compared to other countries, students get to access the best educational resources in US. The universities in US boast of best campuses with state of the art infrastructure, like libraries, laboratories etc. The lure of the best resources to study with is not easy to ignore.

3). Recognition and reputation


The US colleges and universities are not only famous for the quality education they provide, but are also distinguished for being the most reputed and recognized universities in the world. Their reputation has further increased due to the fact that the top innovators, businessmen and famous personalities are their alumni.

4). Campus life and flexibility

Students who study in US enjoy an independent lifestyle. They can take their own decisions in matters of study as well as other things. Furthermore, the educational system is much more flexible than other countries. For instance, graduation is based on the credit system and students can pursue more than one major.


US also has people from different cultures which makes studying and living in the country more interesting as students get to know different cultures and can interact with people from various communities.

5). Work opportunities

When they complete their studies, US students have a lot of work opportunities which they can take up if they want to stay in US Universities also provide opportunities for internships.
All the top universities have dedicated career guidance centres which prove to be a great help for students in securing the jobs in the fields they aspire for.


It’s a common notion that to study in USA, students need to come up with an exorbitant amount of money. However, with the availability of scholarships and other options to avail financial aid, students can easily fulfil their dream of studying abroad provided they have the aptitude and passion for their careers. Students can now search and find scholarships online and get the chance to study at the best institutions around the world.