In what seems to be the next mini revolution, the UP Government, headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is taking radical steps towards reforming the state’s education system. In the coming months, the state will witness massive changes in both public and private schools.

To start off with, private schools have been asked to submit their fee details in the next 15 days. This should include a clear breakdown of fee charged from students vs teacher salaries, administrative costs and other infrastructural expenses.

This news was revealed by District Inspector of School, Umesh Tripathi at a meeting held at the District Magistrate’s office. In attendance, were school principals, representatives from private schools and representatives of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) who questioned schools about their hiked fee structures.

Speaking on the matter, representatives of private schools collectively suggested that private schools should be divided on the parameters of infrastructure of the school, learning levels of students and the fee structuring should then be categorised basis the level of school.

Do you think this will be a fair assessment? What other criteria should be considered according to you? Do mention in the comments below!

Other Reforms:

  • 9th to 12th graders will need to have a compulsory 80% attendance
  • Total number of school days will increase to a 220 from the 120 that is being followed.
  • Syllabus should get completed in 200 days and at least 20 days should be given to students to prepare for exams.
  • Schools to have compulsory biometric attendance system for teachers.
  • Exams should be conducted in a 15 day stretch and results to be declared in the next 15 days.

What are your thoughts? Will these reforms help UP Government in increasing their state’s literacy rate and will they impact the economic growth?