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Before we dive deep into our topic of unconventional careers, let’s go through some interesting facts. They’ll surely help us understand the topic better.

85% of working professionals today are unsatisfied with their jobs.

Now, that’s a BIG percentage for such an overwhelming matter!

I understand the age you are in now, the dots don’t pretty much connect let alone deriving an understanding out of them.

Like, what could be so unsatisfactory about it, the jobs do pay well, right?

Yes, they indeed do, but after a point in a professional’s career the financial aspect of the job loses its gravitas. It becomes more about a Purpose and Passion.

I know, 2 heavy words again!

Let me simplify it down to you via a cycle.

For an instance, what’s the most pursued course in the country today? 

Hint: At Least 2 people from your known circle have or are pursuing it. Wink wink!

Yes, the undisputed course in the matter, Engineering.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Engineering still remains a noble profession to pursue. But the value of your degree remains directly proportional to the College or the University you pursue the course in.

About 20 years ago, Teaching was the in-demand profession. Engineering was one amongst the few unconventional careers pursued. In time, the demand grew so drastically that, today the majority of students who are unsure of the career path they should pursue, end up in an engineering college.

What happens then is the still unsure graduates land various jobs. Not necessarily in a relevant profession. With time they discover their passion and interest, quit their jobs, and follow their interest and passion. From the very scratch. 

(See the 85% in there somewhere?)

On an average, the above process is a stretch of around 8-10 years.

Now, imagine the difference between the above state and a state where they followed a course based upon their passion from the very start.

Explore your strengths this summer!

The latter doesn’t just win BIG in every aspect of the comparison but also provides a sense of satisfaction to you as a reader. 

And that’s precisely what we are going to cover in this blog today. Unconventional careers of today that are gradually gaining traction.

Let’s start!

Unconventional Careers- Introduction

First of all, let us understand what does the phrase ‘unconventional careers’ mean. 

Unconventional careers refer to the career choices that are not quite popular amongst the crowd, yet. But in time these career choices have slowly risen up and are in huge demand today. 

A brief understanding of these unconventional careers and the educational qualifications you need to follow them, can prove crucial in deciding your future career path.

All the reasons why we are featuring them in our list today.

While we are at it, it is important for us to understand that these are skill based careers. With involvement and practice the related skills get refined, thus improving the prospect of a bright career for you. 

Top 5 Unconventional Careers-2021

(Please Note: The order of the options have nothing to do with Quality)

1. Ethical Hacking

Do you possess a sense of adventure along with great IT skills?

Our first Unconventional Career option features a profession that doesn’t ask you to choose 1 from the above at a given point of time.

Today the world is on the internet. 4 out of every 5 people own a smartphone. Most operations in everything from banking to commerce and investments are conducted online

This makes security and safety the factors of highest priority on any given scale. An ethical hacker is a position offered by top organizations to IT geniuses to keep the systems online from getting hacked. 

Now, to pursue the career as a professional you will need a certification from The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants or any other reputed private organization.

Average Salary: 3.5 LPA – 6 LPA

2. Content Writing

Post the 2020 pandemic, the already high craze of social media has become the necessity of today’s life.

And, ‘Content is King’!

The thirst for great content online is unquenchable even in the farthest future.

 Now, if you have a knack for writing and have the creativity to explore the various formats of blogs, copywriting, script writing etc, then there’s absolutely no stopping you.

Either as a freelancer who works from home according to convenience or a writer at a corporate firm, the demand for your work will only increase. 

There’s no degree for content writing. Of course certifications exist but it’s mostly about your ability to command the craft.

Average Salary: 2.5 LPA – 5 LPA

3. Fitness Expert


Are you a fitness enthusiast? Well, good news for you!
The fitness wave has taken the country by storm. Teenagers to adults, all are willing to shell out the necessary time, effort, and funds in order to get or be in shape.

In such a scenario, converting your hobby into a career option as a professional fitness trainer can be highly rewarding.

To pursue the profession you will need to clear the fitness trainer certification exam from leading organizations such as National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE) etc.

Average Salary: 2.4 LPA – 4 LPA

4. Stock Market Professional

Good with finances, numbers, and reading patterns?

Then the stock market is a place for you!

All you need is a B.com certificate to start as a ‘trainee’ in leading trading firms.
After you have gained the relevant experience, the sky’s the limit for you.

For specifics, you can look at the courses offered by the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Average Salary: 4.2 LPA – 8 LPA

5. Culinary Expert

Probably the most exciting feature in our list for the most unconventional careers 2021.

10 years ago the aspiration to be a professional chef was pretty much non-existential. Today, owing majorly to the boom of social media a chef is one of the most sought after professions.

A passion for cooking followed by a degree in Culinary Arts is all you need to make it big in the field.

Average Salary: 2 LPA – 5 LPA

So, that’s our list of the best unconventional careers you can choose from.

Now, which unconventional career choice excites you the most? Did we cover that in our list? Let us know.

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