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The Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurgaon has embraced a global, multi-dimensional, and tech-friendly approach to Guidance.

This is based on the understanding that one size does not fit all. The diversity in learning styles of students extends beyond the classroom, including Career Guidance and Career Counselling. The School involves different channels and stakeholders to help students make informed career decisions.

The 7 Steps to an All-star Career Guidance System

1. Embrace Technology:

Over 26 research tools are available on the system that is used by the school to help their students explore career options. Entrance exam prep, course selection, college applications, scholarship, funding, and much more are explored on one robust platform.Research tool

2. Be Scientific through Assessments:

The school encourages students to take Psychometric assessments. These career assessments are a critical step in the decision-making journey of a student.

3. Foster a Counselling Environment:

The school conducts as well as facilitates external expert counselors to conduct in-person and virtual counselling sessions for all its students. These discussions range from understanding a student’s aspirations, stress sessions, and college choices among other things. They have even initiated counselling sessions for parents to understand their concerns and advise them on possible solutions.

The number of Student-Counselor connects in 2017 stood at 71 (in Class 11) and 105 (in Class 12)

4. Involve your greatest asset – Alumni:

Crucially recognizing that one of its strongest assets is the school’s alumni base, they have deployed a system through which their current students can map the journey of seniors through videos and directly connect with them for first-hand guidance. All of this at just the click of a button.

Over 300 Alumni of The Heritage Group of Schools are actively guiding their juniors across campuses

Sample chat with Alumni

5. Establish a direct connection with Universities:

The school deploys an approach through which select & reputed universities can send customized reviews to their students, schedule interactions, and make scholarship offers to them. Webinars are conducted by global and local Universities and experts, which students can attend and view at their convenience. Students of The Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon can directly interact with Admission counselors of Universities without going through a middle-man!

In 2017, a total of 668 University Reviews were sent to 119 students

6. Parents are not by-standers:

parent counselling sessionThe School has made provisions for parents to be present all throughout their ward’s journey through this process. Parents can seek time for discussions with school counselors, track progress through e-mail and get invited to attend webinars and workshops.

7. World-Class Teacher Training; because learning never stops:

UCLA Extension course

The school has implemented the Global Career Counsellor Certification for its teachers. The certification is Asia’s top career counselling certification, which is designed and offered by UCLA Extension in collaboration with Univariety. This certification trains teacher on various aspects of career choices and counseling for students; in the process building their capacity to be better educators.

The Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurgaon: Drawing accolades from the best in Industry

In recognition of its comprehensive and robust approach to Guidance, as well as years of evolving best practices inside and outside the classroom, The Heritage School, Gurgaon was listed by Fortune India magazine and Univariety as one of theFuture 50 Schools Shaping Success2017’.

Future 50 school shaping success




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