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In an aptitude test conducted by The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, 21% students have shown interest in commerce education. This is the highest among all the technical & non-technical branches.

Employability Of Commerce Students

Awesome, isn’t it? Learn about popular careers in Commerce before you make a subject choice. 

1. Chartered Accountant (CA): A Chartered Accountant is a certified accountant who can work with the accounts of a firm or an individual. To become a CA, a student must clear three levels of various CA related subjects.

A Chartered Accountant is easily the highest-paying job for commerce students and a popular career in commerce.

Chartered Accountant

2. Investment Banker: Simply put, an Investment Banker is a financial advisor to big companies. He/she gives financial advice that helps the company in achieving short-term and long-term financial goals. 

In short, an Investment Banker helps a company maximize its profits. This is a popular career choice among commerce students.

Investment Banker

3. Personal Financial Advisor: A Personal Financial Advisor is a financial advisor just like an Investment Banker. But, as the name suggests, they are financial advisors to individuals and not companies. 

A Personal Financial Advisor helps individual clients fulfil their financial goals through mutual funds, insurances, pension funds, retirement plans etc. If you like analysing trends and helping people make money, this popular career in commerce is the right one for you.

Personal Financial Advisor

4. Actuary: An Actuary is a professional who uses their expertise in Mathematics and Economics to assess the risks involved in the Insurance industry. 

They basically assess the possibility of occurrence of incidents like illness, property loss, disability, theft, etc. and the impact this may have on insurance companies. Being an Actuary is a popular career choice for commerce students.


5. Cost Accountant: Cost Accountant is easily one of the most sought after profession for Commerce students. A Cost Accountant’s job role typically has two main objectives. 

One is to make budgets and plans to manage the cost of the company and two is to carry out profitability analysis. Every manufacturing company needs a Cost Accountant to stay profitable. If accounts is in your blood, we suggest you check out this popular career in commerce.

Cost Accountant

Before we tell you what the next popular career in Commerce is, here’s an article which will give you a list of all the Commerce courses which don’t need Mathematics.

6. Company Secretary: If someone establishes a company, one of the most important positions to fill first is that of a Company Secretary. A Company Secretary ensures that the company is running as per all the rules and regulations. A Company Secretary takes care of all the legal filings like tax reports, annual earnings, etc.

If you are looking for a job that’s a mixture of commerce and organisation, then this popular career in commerce is meant for you.

Company Secretary

7. Retail Manager: A Retail Manager supervises and manages a retail outlet to make it run successfully. From sales and inventory to staff and marketing, they manage it all. Every customer-facing company requires a retail manager.

If you are an extrovert and enjoy sales, you must give this popular career in commerce a go.

Retail Manager

8. Chartered Financial Analyst: If you are looking for a Commerce job that is recognised throughout the globe and is always in demand, then Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is the Commerce career meant for you.

A CFA has multiple responsibilities like wealth management, fixed income analysis, credit analysis, etc. Not to forget, this is easily the highest paying Commerce job in the market.

To become a CFA, you need to pass three levels of exams on subjects like economics, accounting, money management, ethics, etc. Along with this, you should complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Are you leaning towards choosing commerce after reading through these popular careers that Commerce students can opt for? Check if Commerce is the right stream for you with our scientific solution.

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Once you are sure of the stream, we suggest that you go ahead and check out the top colleges for Commerce students.

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