A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

The time has finally come, your dream campus is only one bittersweet interaction with a boomer away. Are you ready to impress their socks off?

Not quite? Well, we’re here to help you out with just that!

College admission interviews can be a stressful process. A lot of students suffer from anxiety in spite of a pretty rocking profile. The trick here is to relax and prepare in advance. With that in mind, we have come up with some solid tips that you can follow to the T to ace your college admission interview.

Let’s start off with some of the commonly asked questions, for which you can prepare your answers in advance.

Commonly Asked College Admission Interview Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself/ How would you describe yourself?
  • Why this university?
  • What are your interests outside of education?
  • What can you bring into our University?/ Why should we consider you to be the right choice?
  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?/ Tell us about your long term goals.
  • Who is your idol? Whom do you admire?

Sound quite simple, don’t they? By the time you’re in front of the interviewers you already know the answer to these questions. But the important thing is to be able to hit the mark. Secretly, your reasons to attend the university could be that, all your friends are attending the college or maybe the university is close to your home or you have family in the city, but they cannot be part of your answer. Read on to see how you can best answer these questions and hit bull’s eye!

6 Amazing Tips For College Admission Interview

Let’s get into the details of how to bring out the best version of you in front of the interview panel. After all in that time when you’re in the hot seat, your primary focus should be to ace every question they pose in front of you. Here’s how you do it:

1. Talk about your passion

Do your research and be aware of everything related to it so that cross-questioning about it does not affect your confidence. Mention that the subjects you picked are meant to help you pursue your passion.

2. Clearly state your qualification and scores

Have a good clarity of your score statistics and be prepared with a backing of how you have been consistent with sticking to your schedules of study and improving your grades. Explain with examples about how willingly you committed yourself to get better in the college admission interview. Grades matter to an extent. Your perseverance, determination and other skills are on a higher pedestal. Your weaknesses matter more and they will be the points for further questioning, so explain with examples how you overcame them and evolved with time.

3. Show a sense of direction

The interviewer needs to know if you are aware and fixed a path for yourself to mark you as a candidate who is ahead of others. To get that tag you need to have planned a goal setting list consisting of short and long term goals. Be firm with your point and not fickle minded. Express about your goals to them for a lasting impression.

4. Highlight your experience

The part that matters the most. They do not want students who are academic prodigies with no real time exposure to any skills. Here you need to talk about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Leadership skills that you acquired along the way if any. Community service is another key element that could elevate your compassionate side of personality and brownie points if it is related to your passion. Talk about the awards you have received and your participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

5. Be honest

As cliché as it sounds, pouring your heart out could do you a biggie. Telling a relevant, honest story that depicts you making a moral decision even when it was tough, can assure the interviewer that if a similar situation arises at any circumstance, you would do the right thing. Your morals and ethics go a long way to add to your chances of getting selected. Try to be as transparent as possible and don’t try hiding things when they have enquired about it. They will not cross their limits but they could test your Emotional Quotient (EQ) by digging deeper so answer without panic.

6. Communication is key

Make sure you have done enough practice interviews with a mentor/parent/teacher or an expert counsellor. It helps you build your confidence and prepares you to have the right dynamic mindset. Anxiety can turn out to be your enemy so this kind of preparation would do wonders to your presentation skills overall.

So, now you know the primary tips to give a damn well college admission interview. If you have more questions about your career path and in knots about your academic choices, you can always reach out to a career counsellor. They will not just give you real time insights about college interviews but also clear all your doubts.

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