What is Career Guidance? — Important for Future Planning

Understanding what is career guidance all aboutIndividuals face a variety of career challenges on a day-to-day basis. These challenges may include problems with career changes, redundancy, and resuming work after an occupational break, personal and professional development, establishing a business, taking up a new position, searching for a new job, or making the choice of course before admissions. And this is why it is important for individuals to take some professional guidance.
But what is career guidance and what does it help to solve?

About Career Guidance

Career guidance involves a set of services that make it easier for individuals to manage and take control of their professional development. The objective is to support an individual through the different phases of his or her line of work and incorporates the following components:

  • Assistance with course choice: Experts make use of self-assessment tools to help students understand their interests, skills and personality type. Based on information obtained, they train individuals to explore suitable occupations and finally educate them to decide on the one that is the best.
  • Help with Job Search: Identifying a choice will be pointless if individuals do not understand how to find a job in the field. This aspect of career guidance is essential since classrooms cannot teach the skills required for finding a job and the assistance of a counselor is quite helpful.
  • Advancement Advice: Majority of people face issues in the initial phases of professional development such as finalizing on a suitable option or securing the first job, but professional facilitators also provide advice related to advancement.
    • They help individuals deal with workplace issues.
  • Motivation: Handling issues related to career can be challenging. An interesting aspect of career guidance services is that experts make sure individuals do not give up, even if it involves an unsuccessful job search project or a change.
  • Changing choices: Many people decide on changing their careers. They do not continue with the same choice for their entire working lives and for such clients, professionals emphasize on transition topics including transferable skills and training for the new job.
  • Overcoming job loss: Clients who lose a job and are extremely disturbed can take assistance from professional experts. They provide assistance in coping with practical issues and help in finding a new job. Encouragement and a boost from support groups who are sailing in the same boat can turn out to be extremely fruitful.


Understanding career guidance and its components are vital for individuals in order to know what they should expect from their experts and how well guides will be able to assist them.


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