For students who go abroad for higher education, the major point of concern –usually- is the cost of staying and expenses related to education. Some take loans, others get scholarships while many works to fund their education.

Singapore, being a country of high education standards, is one of the most preferred destinations for international students. Although there are many ways students can earn while studying in Singapore, private tutoring is the best option for them.

Why? Because of the following reasons:
  1. Believe it or not, taking private tuition classes for school students has evolved into an industry in Singapore. In 2005, it brought an annual turnover of 110.6 million Singaporean Dollars!
  2. According to one news daily, 7 out of every 10 school students go for private tutoring in Singapore.
  3. Although tuition centres are required to register themselves by the government, individuals who conduct tuition classes need not register themselves.
  4. For those who are unable to organise tuition classes individually, they can always join tutoring institutes and get hired as tutors.

Benefits: There are numerous benefits if you choose to be a tutor while studying.

  1. You will improve communication skills

Teaching is one of the best ways to improve communication skills. Apart from improving your English, you will also have the chance to learn a little about the other languages as Chinese and Tamil are also spoken in Singapore.

  1. You will master the subjects you teach

Even if its basic Maths or Science you are teaching, it will help you in mastering them as you will have to study them carefully before you teach them.

  1. It is a steady and good way to earn money

Most importantly, it will help you generate a considerable amount of money because parents of school students in Singapore always prefer their kids to have private tutors to teach them apart from the teaching they get in schools.

  1. Networking

It will help you in knowing people and making friends. Parents are always grateful to private tutors for helping their wards in their studies.


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