In our second blog on ‘Schools Making an Impact’, we proudly feature R.D. Public School. Affiliated to the CBSE, RDPS is situated in the small town of Betul, in Madhya Pradesh. Taking full advantage of its location, our partner school has embraced technology-driven career guidance and provided a solid platform for countless young achievers. Consequently, it has been featured on the cover of “Education World” as a Bright Diamond School in small-town India.  

Alumni Speak

Mansi Shukla - student
Mansi Shukla, Batch of 2015  Currently pursuing Master’s in Clinical Psychology 

RDPS- The school that offered me immense opportunities to learn, to grow, to accomplish and to dream sky high. It is where I inculcated the traits of the professional world. A smooth blend of subject knowledge, practical approach, and a positive learning environment. Lessons learned in the classroom and campus back then are like the treasure that I would always be grateful for.


Small town wonder- RDPS

Under the able leadership of Ms. Ritu Khandelwal, RDPS has created quite a stir in spite of being in Betul- a town that is virtually unheard of. Current students have earned recognition at the national level, and alumni study in some of the best universities in India- an achievement that the school attributes to robust career counselling involving online research tools, counsellor support through chat and email and even online alumni interactions. 

What truly sets RDPS apart? 

  • Breaking stereotypes 

RDPS believes that their strong career guidance system and timely career counselling interventions have helped the students pick the right path. Breaking the stereotype that technology is sparse in smaller cities, RDPS has encouraged students to go online. The school has made sure that its students have access to Univariety’s online platform where they can have regular and detailed interactions with the best career counsellors in the country. Exploring their options has helped the students of RDPS categorise, shortlist and choose their course, college, and country with a higher level of confidence.

  • Nurturing and building a community 

Having won several awards in the areas of community service, the students and educators of RDPS have been able to create a culture of leadership that works for the community at large. Students understand that a school that focuses on holistic development and usage of technology is uncommon in a smaller town. Thus, they are keen to provide for the underprivileged within their community. Most of the RDPS alumni choose to stay back in India and work here and continue to keep in touch with their alma mater.

Sharadha sahu
Sharadha Sahu, Batch of 2015 

I feel grateful for such amazing teachers during my school life who helped me bloom. Thanks to my school for focusing not just on academics but also on co-curricular activities, thus directing my baby steps on the right track which further led me to take architecture as my profession (B.Arch from IPS Academy, Indore) and creating a Guinness World Record (Largest Nail Sculpture) with my team members.

Ushering in a new era

Ritu Khandelwal, Founder, Director, R.D. Public School
Ritu Khandelwal, Founder, Director, R.D. Public School

“We are in the midst of some challenging times and it is now more than ever that we need to come together. Thanks to the power of the Internet, there is still a lot that we can achieve as a community. I am proud that R.D. Public School has a trusted partner in an online platform like Univariety. As a team, we are very excited about the digital career guidance we are offering to our students. The show must go on and go digital is the only way to ensure that ”

Adapting to technology and supporting an entire ecosystem based on it is no mean task. RDPS relationship with Univariety can be an eye-opener for many others,
especially now when there is a real need to go digital. The will to be the change is so deeply ingrained in them, that the school is slowly yet surely realising its mission, one successful student at a time! 

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