A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

‘Career Guidance’, ‘Career Counseling’ and ‘College Placements’ are ubiquitous words that you have probably grown weary of by now. If not, chances are you soon will.

So, what is it about these terms that are making most educators squirm uncomfortably in their seats? Well, for one we all agree that Guidance is important. But there is a more evolved part of us that tells us that something is amiss. Perhaps we know that this thinking is limiting and does not really do justice to the full scope of what ‘Shaping Students’ Futures’ really means. Perhaps, we have so many choices in the career guidance and college applications ‘market’, that we are left to question what our students really need? Add to that, fragmented delivery and broken service promises from former partners, which makes us unsure of who to trust with the future of our students.


So, how do you choose the right Guidance Partner for your school?

Is there a perfect science to this? Probably not. But you can keep certain key considerations in mind to optimize the chances of success:

1. Commitment: A partner who will consistently communicate and work closely with you to understand your ever-evolving needs is gold. We could wax eloquent about this one, but we will let our country-wide presence and partners do the talking.

2. Evolving Expertise: If you don’t know it, you can’t lead it. Experience, a blend of local and global knowledge of best practices along with a robust Research and Development team that is constantly innovating are critical to dependable expertise. The R & D team is the second largest one in our company of about 100 employees. Just saying.

3. Engaging all Stakeholders: A decision about a student’s future is multi-dimensional. In that, it involves not just the counselor and the student herself. It can be immeasurably enriched through factual facilitation by Alumni, Universities and other experts that the student might otherwise not have access to.

4. Service Support: The key to a lasting relationship and a great experience is rock solid service support. At Univariety, we answer our phones, take the time to get to know you, listen to your problems and fix them. We are not perfect; we know it and work with our partners to tirelessly deliver. That is the key to our Customer Service.

5. ‘International’ isn’t a synonym for ‘Credibility’: Let’s face it, India is the crucible for some of the best startups and technology in the world. Are we still looking to American and European companies to come to our rescue, knowing perfectly well that they could exit at a moment’s notice? We are based out of Hyderabad, India, with teams across 6 cities in the country. We are here to stay.

6. Collaborative & Comprehensive: Are you looking for a career counselor, an ERP solution for applications, an online search platform or University connects? What about teacher and counselor training? And after all this effort, perhaps the chance for national recognition and sharing of best practices? Yes, that is us. All of it. A Full-Service Partner, that works with your school and students, through the year, year on year.

We are Univariety

Part of the Infoedge India Ltd Family: one of the very few profitable pure-play internet companies in the country. Info Edge is India’s premier online classifieds company in recruitment, matrimony, real estate, education, and related services. Univariety is part of the family which also includes Naukri.com, Shiksha.com, Zomato.com, 99acres.com among several others.

  •  7 years in Operation
  • Partnered with 350+ Schools &
  • Guiding 40,000+ Students
  • 75 Global Universities
  • Prestigious partnerships with UCLA Extension and Fortune India magazine among others

Univariety’s School Guidance System

Univariety school system

We don’t promise the world; just serious commitment

We understand that the student journey from Middle to High school is too complex for a school to handle unassisted. But, we also know that dealing with multiple partners is cumbersome, to say the least.

Univariety is here to stay. We understand Indian Schools, Indian students and have a full grasp of the Indian & Global Higher-Ed space. Univariety is at the forefront to transition the perception of Indian schools of Education and Employment to Learning and Career Development.

Univariety is not a pioneer in providing career guidance and college placement advice to schools and students; it is a pioneer in implementing India’s first full-service Guidance and Training System for schools.




Monika Bakshi

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