In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’: A Unique milestone approach to making crucial career-related decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. In Part V, we explore the journey for Class XII.

In the previous part, we covered what the student journey is ideally like for career guidance in Class XI. We also covered the career guidance program for Class X. Now, we move on to Class XII.

Class XII is the last year of school and students not only face a multitude of emotions but also are in the final stage of their career selection journey. They will next make the big move to college and the choices they make here are important for life. 

In Class XII, the first thing to do is finalize colleges. 

Milestone 1: Finalizing Colleges 

  • Let’s get started with Finalizing Colleges. 

Firstly, review and reconfirm the courses, countries and entrance examinations finalized by you. Then explore your shortlisted colleges in greater detail by watching recommended webinars. We recommend that you watch at least one webinar. Your college list is what you have developed over the years! 

See, that’s the power of the right planning and guidance. In case you have any doubts, our career counsellors are only a text away and will be there to assist you to make the right choice. 

You can view expert webinars and alumni webinars to gain perspective. You can understand from the horse’s mouth and get a first-hand experience and information on careers and colleges. 

Imagine, someone you know telling you what it’s like to be in a certain college or space. 

  • Branch Selector Test

A branch selector one enables you to understand which branch is best for you based on your aptitude, attitude and interest levels. We have prepared 3 Branch Selector tests – Engineering, Humanities, Commerce.

Choose whichever fields interest you and take the test to get detailed recommendations about the best paths suitable for you. 

With a branch selector test, students will get to know –

  • Top 3 careers in their branch 
  • Career Motivators which/’ help in identifying a career that fulfills those motivations.
  • Aptitude report 
  • Personality report 
  • Interest report

  • Compare Colleges 

This tool helps you to compare different colleges across multiple parameters. This will help you understand and pick colleges based on your budget, country, course, and ranking. When you compare colleges, you can understand and evaluate the various factors that make a college better than the rest. 

  • Interact with counsellor

You can then interact with the counsellor about your preferred college and ask any questions related to the same. It can vary from course info to country choices. 

  • Finalize Colleges

Now that you have done a good amount of research about the colleges that interest you, prepare your final target list of colleges. Use the Send Docs feature on the Univariety platform to share your SOPs and transcripts with different colleges across the globe. 

  • College-based scholarships

Run a quick search on different scholarships offered by universities, connect with them and also track your application status. 

Milestone 2: Joining Colleges 

Enter your results and gain more insights into college admissions by reading an informative article. Then evaluate the offers received and select the best college based on course facilities, country, scholarship, and accreditation. 

You can interact with the career counsellor or talk to the alumni of your school in the list of colleges. And with that, you are all set to join the right college. Joining college is a big decision and you have to make the right move at the right time. Class 12 is a key milestone in your career journey and the milestone approach to guidance simplifies the complex activities into achievable tasks. Click Here to get 

Career Guidance System For Your Students Today 



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