As per the latest QS World University Rankings for 2018, four IITs have figured in the Top 500. But not just for Engineering!

The country’s premier engineering schools are being recognized globally for their approach and methodology in, hold your breath, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management!

Gaining Newer Grounds?

Management sciences IITs are no longer restrained to technical degree courses like B.Tech., M.Tech. or a Ph.D. They have branched out to managerial sciences, humanities and even law! IIT Delhi has its own Department of Management Studies whereas IIT Bombay has a highly reputed but often overlooked Shailesh J Mehta’s School of Management. Almost all of the older IITs have their own management schools which feature in the Top 100 in the country. Even globally they are doing well as per the latest QS World University Rankings.

Management studies But Management studies is not the real shocker. IITs have also been making strides in Arts and Humanities with two of the most popular IITs- Delhi and Bombay, figuring in the QS Rankings 2018 list. IIT-B has debuted this year, whereas IIT-D has improved its ranking by 57 points as compared to last year. Delhi University which is one of the leading arts and social sciences institutions fell from 210 to 252 in this year’s rankings.

Linguistics is the new kid on the block!

IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay also made their ranking debuts for linguistics in the world university rankings for 2018. IIT Delhi was in the 201-250 band whereas IIT Bombay figured in the 251-300 band.

So where does Engineering figure?

IITs saw their rankings fall across engineering and technology-based subjects. The QS ranking highlighted the growing concern regarding the quality of Indian education and with brand names like IITs falling behind in the domains they are most popular for.

IIT Delhi’s ranking fell in chemical, electrical and electronics engineering as well as in biological sciences, IIT Bombay dipped in physics, astronomy, and mathematics, environmental and biological sciences and in operational research. IIT Madras also witnessed a dip in computer science, information systems, biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. Similar trends were observed for IIT Roorkee, Guwahati, Kharagpur as well as for IISc Bangalore.

Shalini Mehrotra
Ms. Shalini Mehrotra, Principal, Vidya Devi Jindal School

“I strongly believe that compartmentalization of education into different streams viz Science/Commerce/Humanities is an anachronism in the present times. This is an era of STEAM education. Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics have to join hands to provide real and relevant education for preparing the generation of the 21st century. The recent QS World University Rankings have validated the changing reality in education paradigm, through statistics.”  Ms. Shalini Mehrotra

Does this development signal vehemently that Humanities and Management are finally getting their day in the sun? Does this dip in rankings of India’s premier institutions become a cause for concern or should we take this with a pinch of salt?

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    Harveen Ahluwalia Reply

    I agree with you. Integrated learning is the way forward. Education needs to change with the new demands. A paradigm shift in thinking and new vision for our future generation!

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    I agree with you. Integrated Education is the way forward. We need to make a paradigm shift for the future of children in this millennium . Great vision Shalini, proud of you.

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