Do you speak the language of visuals and images, and want to master the craft of visual poetry? 

Are you the one who feels a utilitarian angle has to be added to every design?

Do you feel the current design of a product is bulky and want to make it sleeker? 

If your answer is YES, and you have an artistic eye, then welcome to the world of Design. 

A designer combines art and logic to design objects that are appealing. They are the brains behind the look and visual character of the brands. If you would like to consider Design as a career path, ask yourself a few questions. See if this worthwhile career is the right calling for you. 

1. Are you inclined towards creative expression?

Your success in the field of Design lies in your passion and talent to create. If you have always enjoyed expressing yourself with watercolors, sketch pens or even a digital paintbrush, then Design is certainly something for you to consider.

Creative expression helps in:

  • Artistically creating messages through meaningful, engaging and eye-catching visuals.
  • Coming up with new and unique ideas that cannot go unnoticed by the audience and offers something different. For instance, taking a musical instrument as an inspiration to design office furniture. 
  • Investing your artistic aptitude and interest in rewarding ways.

2. Are you good at interacting with others?

If you’re a people person, it’s definitely an added advantage. Your ability to interact will help you build good relationships with your client. Additionally, if you’re looking to freelance as a Design consultant, then this will even help you network better and build up your client base.

Interactive skills help in:

  • Understanding the needs of your clients better, leading to more effective designs.
  • Putting forward your ideas in a convincing manner to your clients.
  • Making sure everyone’s on the same page, especially because an entire team will be responsible for achieving your client’s branding objectives. 

3. Can you design creative solutions?

All your designs are driven by your client’s needs. The better you are able to deliver designs that meet the purpose, the more trusted you will be my clients. And this helps you climb the ladder to success faster. Your creative expression should get a utilitarian angle to fulfill the client’s requirement.  

Designing creative solutions help in:

  • Solving problems for your clients visually. For example, designing the interiors of a store and adding a layer of visual merchandising to increase the footfalls. 
  • Coming up with strategies that are in line with the marketing objectives. For instance, designing a car that caters to the client’s travel needs alongside looking sleek. 
  • Telling a client’s brand story through artifacts to reach the right target audience.

4. Are you open to teaching yourself?

Being a good designer involves learning through observation and practice. And you will also have to continuously upgrade your skills because you will be part of an extremely exciting and dynamic field. You will also be expected to stay aware of all the latest happenings in the market.

Teaching yourself helps in:

  • Keeping up with pop-culture and the latest trends, so that you can create messages that are better received by your audience.
  • Being aware of new software upgrades and design techniques coming out in the industry.
  • Continuously practicing and developing your design skills for your own personal growth.

5. How comfortable are you with technology?

Consider yourself as the mastermind behind your designs, and software is your stage for it. Technology will be what helps you pour out your ideas into a format that is well thought out. The more comfortable you are with technology and the more you have explored in a given software, the better will be your results.

Being comfortable with technology helps in:

  • Efficiently transforming your ideas into designs.
  • Knowing the capability of the software you are using, so your designs can be bigger and better.
  • Delivering professional visual outputs that will be noticed by the audience


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