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With a majority of Indian schools offering extracurricular activities to their students, Trinity International School has taken this to the next level. The school has laid emphasis on the overall personality development of the students by channeling their focus through scholarships to build personalized roadmaps in order to make them college-ready!

Trinity International School:

TIS(Trinity International School) founded in 2003, is a K-10 IGCSE (A-Level) school situated in Mumbai. Trinity is known for its academic rigor, student results, and a holistic approach towards education. The school has been a recipient of a range of awards and recognitions over the years with some of the prominent ones being:top international schools

The Students have also been bringing in laurels to the school not just in academics but also beyond it, across a range of domains like Sports, Arts and Design, Fashion Design, Business Challenges, etc.

The Drive to Excel Beyond Academics

Preparing students for life is the school’s mission while taking into account external factors like the job market scenario so that the most relevant skills are imparted on campus. The school focuses on imparting holistic learning which transcends beyond academics for building students’ skills.

The school’s vision is resonated by its leader, Ms. Vinita D’Souza who stresses the need to have a curriculum that takes into account academics and value-add activities like extracurriculars (like sports, dance, music, etc), co-curricular, etc.

“Life is a sum total of opportunities that one has had or missed. There is much more to a person than academic achievements. While academics refine the intellect, extra-curricular’s polish the character.”   Ms. Vinita D’Souza, Principal,  Trinity International School, Mumbai


In order to promote the same mindset amongst students, the school has introduced a range of activities on campus which help in building a student’s character, acumen, personality, and skills, some of which are:

  • Sports like Tae-kwon-do, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Yoga, etc. There are dedicated sports periods and on-campus facilities with trainers to guide students to perform better.
  • Extra-curricular activities like:
    • Q-Shala: A dynamic Quiz Series which encourages logical reasoning
    • Robotics workshops: To develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Digital Storytelling: To encourage imagination and digital literacy
    • Pilot Study on a new subject titled ‘Global Perspective’ to develop 21st-century skills
    • ‘Clap Global’ sessions: International Travellers interact with students to help promote cultural worldview and reduce biases.
  • ProMap Scholarship: A cutting-edge initiative to strengthen students ‘Beyond Academics’ profile so as to make them college ready. This one-of-a-kind scholarship provides professional career guidance and a personalized roadmap towards a successful career.



ProMap matches students’ aspirations in terms of Country, Courses, and Universities with their current academics and achievements, to share with them a unique personalized roadmap to build a college-ready profile.

The school recently awarded ProMap Scholarships to deserving students from Grade 8-10. Students were evaluated on a range of parameters, at the end of which, 3 Star Students were awarded ProMap Scholarships. The students were shortlisted on the basis of their overall academic and extra-curricular performance, along with a ballot being set up for students, where teachers nominated and cast their votes for students.

Trinity International School

As per Ms. Vinita, the school’s objective behind awarding the ProMap Scholarships was to give students an opportunity to get get a personalised Non-Academic Roadmap to build a strong college-ready profile.

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