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When dreamers and achievers deeply believe in something, they run with their ideas. And success begins to chase after them even when the dream is as big as admission at Stanford University.

Diva Sharma (Stanford University)

Stanford University
Stanford University

Diva Sharma, a passionate techie, and public speaker proves this effortlessly and has a long list of accomplishments to vouch for it. Raised in India’s capital city, she completed her schooling from GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj and then her ambitions took her all the way to Stanford University where she’s pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Economics. But, there’s more than just Academic excellence that got Diva a seat in the prestigious Stanford University.

She is…


Diva Sharma fuels her passion for technology with purpose and innovation.

When she was 15, she channeled her determination into finding a way to help animals in distress. This she did whilst being a Researcher at IIT Delhi’s Innovation Lab.

By creating a device that could alert individuals when an animal needs help, she was able to quicken the treatment process. When animals arrive at the hospital, this device can alert doctors about cases that need immediate attention. It can also be used by people when they leave their pets behind at home. At a young age, she patented the invention and earned the respect of animal lovers.

Pro-tip # 1 – Global institutions like Stanford University look for an innovative streak in you. Think beyond the obvious.

A girl of many, many interests:

Diva Sharma used to spend her school days participating in the school’s debate team, economics team and even swimming team. Apart from being a student representative, she is also a soloist and has added a Grade 8 Music Diploma from Rock School London to her accomplishments. If that’s not enough, she has even sung at local concerts during her school years as well.

Pro-tip # 2A diverse portfolio is indicative of a dynamic Personality.

She has…

Intellectual Vitality

The year 2015 saw Diva Sharma being honored by the President of India for research and innovation. She was awarded the National Innovation Indian Roll of Honour as well as the CBSE Proficiency Award. While juggling between a number of things in school, her high school GPA was a smashing 10/10. But what’s great is that she puts her intellect into driving change or uplifting living beings.

Her public speaking skills even found a stage at the European Commission’s Annual Research and Innovation Conference in 2017 in Belgium and the World Bank’s Annual Meeting and Global Youth Forum in Washington DC. She was also the youngest speaker invited to both events.

Pro-tip # 3 – Medals of honour backed with strong academics go a long way.

Humility and Empathy

When you listen to what she has to say, you realise that Diva is not driven by recognition. She wholeheartedly believes in the need for compassion and is a strong advocate of gender equality. In her TEDx Talk, she spoke about how women should stop doubting their ideas. Her biggest advice was for girls to “Grab the mic” every chance they get and speak up, because what they have to say matters too.

Pro-tip # 4 – Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Life is all about pushing the envelope and imbibing the right traits that walk you through a dream institute like Stanford. The biggest lesson from Diva Sharma’s success story is the need to believe in your ideas and work towards transforming them into reality. Yes, marks are important. But focus on your talents and interests as well, and success will come along the way. Diva Sharma’s achievements are remarkable and are a standing testimony to blurring the horizon of impossible!

Watch Diva Sharma’s TEDx Talk here:

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