What makes an educator great? The ability to impart knowledge? Or the ability to guide students on the right path? Why is it that we often miss Ms.Braganza’s kind words and not Mr.Shastri’s rude remarks? Well, because nobody likes being told that they are wrong. However, everyone appreciates being guided (read stopped from making career mistakes).

As educators, we want to leave a lasting impact on our students’ life. We want our students to be successful leaders of tomorrow. But, how can we make that happen, when we aren’t able to stop them from making career errors?

What if we told you, that we can use technology and prevent students from making mistakes?

Are you interested yet?

Irrespective of the motivation or the lack of it, students often are headed in the wrong direction in spite of the guidance they receive. The Red Flag system not only identifies and highlights those students to the school and the parents but also categorizes the reason for concern and thereafter recommends required resolution.

Let’s take a look at some of the Red Flag Errors students have been making and how progressive schools across India have stopped their students before making these errors.

Very Few Colleges Shortlisted

Romik from HVB Academy Mumbai is a zealous Business aspirant student who has made up his mind to study in India. While being sure of his course and country is a good thing he seems still confused between the choice of course between Business Management and Business Administration. Being in grade 11 it is important that he sets his target colleges in advance and follow their expected cut-offs and criteria beyond academics to prepare his profile accordingly. However, here, in this case, Romik has been identified as a Red Flag because he has not managed to shortlist a tentative list of colleges for India Business yet.

Only Aspirational Colleges Shortlisted

Aniktha is an ambitious student from Riverside School, Ahmedabad who aspires to pursue either Engineering or Business or both. However, she isn’t sure between the US, UK, and India. Through the Univariety Red Flag System, she has been identified as a critical Red Flag category student because she needs intensive counselling not only to make choices between most fitting course but also to understand the best prospect of her course in all of her aspired destinations. To top it to the worry, the only few colleges that she has shortlisted (read aware of) are some of the top colleges where admission is highly competitive.

No College/Country Shortlisted

Kush is a senior year student from Hiranandani Foundation School, Mumbai who seems to look for further motivation for making his career choices. His interest in economics and commerce has helped him finalise his course however, he is still not sure whether his scores in his boards would be good enough to get him admitted in any of the good colleges in India or abroad. Concerningly he has kept his study destination as ‘not sure’ leading to no shortlisting of colleges as well. An immediate Red Flag counselling is required where he can have a better understanding of admission criteria of different countries and their colleges based on his expected course so that he can plan his way forward.

15% – 20% of the students make career errors every year and regret their decisions. These students are the exceptions to the rule where they make mistakes despite guidance from all sides. But the good news is Technology can help prevent these errors and make a change in their life.

So, what’s holding you?