Humanities offer great scope for study and learning. On the job front, there are many ranging from teaching to pursuing research. However, we look at alternate careers for Humanities majors where they can use all the learnings and shine in their jobs. Few jobs are unheard of and few may floor you. 

Let’s take a peek at these jobs and decide whether you are cut for them.

1) Museum Curator

Museum Curator

If you have majored in Art or History, then you are a better person to safeguard the artifacts in a museum. Most of the museums recruit recent graduates to take the job of a tour guide or assist the visitors at the helpdesk. You can put your love of History to proper use and work your way up. Once you rise through the ranks, you can be a museum curator managing the precious collections. 

2) Artist


Have you ever established a connection between Art and Humanities? If you have a background in History (or) Communication, that’s a killer combination to set you up in the artistic world. Add a little bit of entrepreneurial streak to your skills and start a website to market and sell your artwork. The buyers range from publishing houses to individuals to art lovers. 

3) Private Investigator

I assume The Pink Panther theme is already playing in the background. Popular media and films showcased this profession as a glamorous one. Private investigators are adept at handling various investigative activities. You can use your inquisitive nature and analytical skills to fathom frauds, insurance-related cases, background checks, etc. With a good knowledge of the law and forensic sciences, you can make way into many complex cases and assist law enforcement agencies.

4) Celebrity Ghostwriter

The name sounds scary but not the job. When a celebrity wants to write a memoir or an autobiography, he hires a writer who does all the writing work. That’s a celebrity ghostwriter. You can even be hired by non-celebrities and your work can make them celebrities. As a ghostwriter, you have to piece together the incoherent thoughts of a celebrity and stitch them into a cohesive whole. This is fairly a challenging job. To make the first cut into the job, make a decent portfolio of some sample works that can land you in your dream job or dream celebrity.

5) Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

As mysterious as it sounds. The practice is fast catching up in the consumer-driven world. Businesses are employing people to do shopping. They pay and you make merry. This can be as simple as taking a spa treatment to shop a designer wardrobe. The way you scale up in your profession, the stakes are much higher. All it takes is a knack for asking questions. You might be wondering why mystery shoppers actually exist? This is mostly used for surveys and tabulating the customer experience during the shopping. Brands use them to modify the in-store experience.

Pick your favorite job from the given list and if you feel there are other alternate careers for Humanities majors.