It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the next thrilling page-turner or you just want to ace that literature assignment, these websites will keep you scrolling for more. Each of them has a unique personality and can possibly make you fall head over heels in love with reading. Take a look:


Through votes, scores, and ratings, Goodreads is sort of like the IMDb for books. See what others are saying about different books and authors, and share your ideas as well. Not only does it help you decide which book to read next, but it also lets you join different communities and share your love for books with each other.


Imagine studying for your English exam. You read a paragraph from the Shakespearean play in your syllabus a dozen times but you can make zero sense of it. That’s when SparkNotes becomes your go-to spot. It’s a great resource that helps you break down literature pieces and understand them well. Of course. With some help from your textbooks and a little support from SparkNotes, you’re sure to get that grade A.  

Literary Hub

For your daily dose of fiction, head on over to Literary Hub for some of their original content. They also bring to you reviews and criticism on contemporary and classic literature.

Electric Literature

Along with essays and conversations about literature, Electric Literature also brings to you a weekly fiction series called Recommended Reading, where one short story is published every Wednesday.

Book Riot

The simple, yet quirky personality of Book Riot is all over its website. Apart from talking about books in an entertaining way, they have a wide collection of audiobooks and podcasts and have also compiled some fabulous literary audios you can listen to for probably an hour every day.

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