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Education in India, particularly, is a driver for growth and development. The focus is on providing high quality, affordable education to all as directed by the government. 

Over the decades, we have seen a sea-change in how it is being perceived with the infusion of technology and artificial intelligence

E-learning is no more a distant dream and is widely used in schools across India. The concept of local classrooms has now become truly global with the internet. 

But, what influences these changes?

Trends – be it global or national. 

The impact of trends on our schools and communities is paramount. New teaching methods, modules, the rise of new career streams, and course options all have an effect in shaping the course of education. Let’s take a look,

4 Trends Shaping The Education Sector

1. Continuing Education

Continuing educationThere is an increasing need for professional development for educators and it widely impacts the learning space. Through interactive webinars, videos or online content, teachers can upgrade their skill set to get a comprehensive 360-degree view. 

Online professional development for teachers keeps them aware and enables them to leave a better impact on students. Teachers who have taken up some professional programme have become better at

  • Assessing 
  • Mentoring 
  • Guiding 
  • Motivating 
  • Influencing

A highly recommended program for the professional development of teachers is Global Career Cataylst by UCLA Extension where 3000+ teachers have been certified. The international certification keeps teachers aware of the global scenario and thus guide students better.

Well, aren’t teachers natural career counsellors?

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2. Recognition of schools 

Schools are the building blocks of our education ecosystem and recognising the best among them is important. Recognition of schools for their exemplary pedagogy, new-age digital initiatives, and student success is extremely important to inspire others and go the extra mile. 

To recognise and empower the leaders behind India’s finest schools, one upcoming prestigious event is the Amity School Leadership Summit at Jaipur. The leadership summit aims to recognise school leaders for their extraordinary contribution to the K-12 space.

3. Digital Learning

digital education systemDigital Learning is basically blended learning where educators use technology to assess, monitor, and provide feedback to students. Students using digital tools in classrooms have shown a better understanding of the concept, high retention, and increased creativity.

Progressive schools have also chosen a digital guidance system that enables students to become career-ready by covering 

  • Psychometric research tools 
  • Alumni Management 
  • Career Guidance 
  • University Help

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4. Guided Decision Making

career guidance systemIncorporating broader goals with mindfulness in every action leads to better decision making. Holistic approach top schools across the world are taking includes enabling students to take decisions with able guidance. With schools and parents actively being a part of the decision-making process, students are guided better and this results in school success. Parents are the most important stakeholders and their awareness can lead to better career planning for students. 

Education is vastly dynamic and educators who are the helm need to explore experiential ways of learning to facilitate innovation, engagement, and guided career planning. This can be made easier if a comprehensive approach to guidance is established in schools. 

The modern world is full of disruption and we witness new careers breaking through every day. If students need to take advantage, career guidance is important. 

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