Taking a cue from Finland’s robust education system we need to offer autonomy to our teachers and counselors who can then tailor their service to the needs of their students. As per the World Development Report 2018, one of the strong mechanisms to move towards innovative learning is Micro-level systematic knowledge interventions. This means newer pedagogical methods, digital technologies to enhance learning and strategies to keep all the stakeholders motivated. One of the most interesting innovations mentioned in this report is the developments in Career counseling.

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Ms. Savita Venkat

“Educational institutes must integrate career counselling in the teaching of the subjects. Teachers must be equipped and trained for it.  We at Bombay Cambridge Gurukul are already incorporating it from grade 6 onward. It will also be the need of the hour that the best practices in career counselling is coming from experts and is engaging and stimulating motivating educational institutes to adapt it.
Ms. Savita Venkat, Chief Development Officer, Bombay Cambridge Gurukul

So what does the future of Career Counseling look like?

1) The future (and present) is Digital:

Mobility, accessibility, and flexibility are critical if anything has to succeed with students today.  Career Counseling is about getting through to a 16-year-old to help him decide what his future could be. As counter-intuitive as it may be if counseling has to stop becoming a ‘gun-point’ discussion with students, it’s got to be done in a way they understand and appreciate. Which is needless to say, Digitally. Chats, emails, video counseling sessions and highly engaging information delivered in a digital format are extremely impactful methods of career counseling.

2) Linear Integration of Career Guidance across Subjects:

Career Counseling as a 30 minute, once a month activity in grade 12 is as outdated as classrooms without Digital Learning Boards. Few select progressive schools in the country, and many more in the world look at career guidance as an all-pervasive process and not an isolated time-bound, last-minute activity.

3) Guidance is omnipotent; but also omnipresent:

Let’s face it. Students get guidance from family, friends, relatives, Steve Jobs, and Shah Rukh Khan. They also get it from Google, Youtube, and Facebook. This is the age of free-flowing information, where the lines between fact and fiction are blurred. And while we cannot top the gush, we can direct it.

One of the most cutting-edge best practices in career counseling is consciously created informational content that is engaging, snackable and completely credible. It comes from experts, counsellors, celebrities, peers, and alumni.

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