Let’s put things into perspective – The choices you make today about your career, your college, and your future will decide the next four to five decades of your life.

No pressure, isn’t it?

Deciding what to do with your life doesn’t have to be a scary or confusing process. It can be quite fun and exciting if it’s done the right way.

What you need, or in fact, WHO you need to help you make the right choices is a career counsellor. They will be your go-to buddy throughout the entire process. At the end of it, you will have decided exactly how you want your future to be. And you will love it!

Here’s what a career buddy can do for you:

They can be your searchlight in an ocean of choices:

The world is your oyster! All you have to do is figure out where you fit in or where you can make a difference. Your career buddy has the expertise to guide you on which courses and careers will suit you best.

They can help you figure out:

  • How you can combine your interests with your future
  • Where your aptitude stands
  • Which career would suit you best, based on your interests and aptitude

When you have a question, they have the answer:

A career counsellor has all the answers to everything career-related. Yes, ALL the answers.

They can help you figure out:

  • Whichever subjects you should take after Grade 10
  • Which course would feed your passion and your interests
  • Which are the best colleges for the course you wish to take
  • How to apply to colleges abroad
  • And much more!

They are your career-encyclopedias

Your career counsellor knows the A – Z about all the careers under the sun. And they will give you the most up-to-date facts about what you want to know. If you would like to compare two different fields of profession or two different courses from two different colleges, they can be your guide.

What’s more? They can even update you on changes in college application processes as well, both in India as well as abroad.

They can help you figure out:

  • whether an MBBS degree is more suited to your interests or a degree in biotechnology
  • the differences between a management course at Christ University vs. Symbiosis
  • what are the differences in the college application processes of the UK and USA
  • which scholarships you are eligible for

You have enough opinions. What you need is facts:

The truth is that you have enough people giving you opinions on what to do with your life – your parents, teachers, friends, relatives, neighbours and even those far-off uncles and aunties who you haven’t met more than twice in your life.

But when you need an unbiased perspective, and someone who will give you the facts, you can turn to your trusted buddy – your career counsellor.

Together, you can build the bridge between you and your dreams

It doesn’t matter if your friends have already decided what they want to do with their lives and you feel like you’re falling behind. It’s never too late or too early to start talking to a counsellor.

No matter which grade you are in, or what you have decided, a career counsellor can help you figure out your goals. If you are confused about something, they are ready to clear your doubts. If you know what you want to achieve but you’re unsure of how to get there, they will support you on how to.

And so, together you can build a roadmap for yourself shows the journey you have to take to the future you dream of.


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