Guide on scholarships to study abroadThe multicultural exposure and the excellent education that students get from esteemed colleges across the globe, is all that it takes to mold them into global citizens. However, pursuing higher studies abroad could prove to be an expensive affair. Not to worry, there are various financial aids. But how to get a scholarship to study abroad is a question all students ask?

Types of Scholarships to Study Abroad

The first step involved is to figure out what kind of scholarship would suit your needs best. The following are some types that cater to the needs of students:

  • Merit scholarships
    These are awarded to students who perform well throughout their academic life and top eligibility exams such as SAT, IELTS, etc. These are also the toughest scholarships to secure, owing to the tough competition.
  • College-Based Grants
    Students can enquire about grants that are awarded by the colleges they attend and apply if they find themselves eligible. At times, students admitted are automatically considered for the grant, if deemed eligible. Therefore, it is wise to select colleges that offer these financial aids to pursue higher studies.
  • Country-Specific
    These could be government-funded or private scholarships that assist students who go abroad to pursue higher education. Some country-specific grants might require students to return once they complete their education.
  • Need-Based
    These scholarships are meant for students who hail from financially backward families. Family income certificate, academic records, expense, the standard of living, etc. are taken into account before granting this.

How to Get Scholarship to Study Abroad

Obtaining a scholarship is a time and energy consuming matter.

Here are a few tips to attain that perfect grant:
More is less
People and institutions do not give away their money free. If they find even a single reason why they should not grant thescholarship, it will be out of your reach. Hence, it is advisable to apply to all financial aids you are eligible for, even the small grants that do not promise to cover the entire expense.

Be prompt and patient
Scholarships might take a while before they can come by your side to assist you. It is vital that deadlines be met while applying for it. Also, make sure you have all the documents needed to validate the reasons behind your application. Make sure that you keep personal copies of the same as well.

Getting scholarships to study abroad could be a herculean task. Hence, plan ahead and seek out other ways to finance your education such as student loans and other sponsorships.


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