A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Robin and Maddy go to the same school. With the arrival of February they have devised their plans on how to prepare for board exams class 10. 

“How To Prepare For Board Exams Class 10”- The 2 Parallel Plans.

Robin, being a hard worker, wants to give his best for the biggest exam of his life yet. Thus, all his focus till the date of the exam is entirely upon the preparations. He’s ready with  a thorough study routine for the boards throughout the course of 3 months. 

Maddy on the other hand is equally focused on the boards. But he sees the boards as only the tip of the iceberg. He understands with time passing new levels of the structure are going to surface up. 

And he’s certain, grinding with only one form of study schedule throughout the summers is going to saturate his focus sooner than later.  

Thus, Maddy is looking forward to a schedule where a few hours of his day will be invested in a productive routine of some sort. This will help him learn something new at the same time getting a necessary refresher from board preparations.

“How To Prepare For Board Exams Class 10”- Robin Or Maddy?

Robin’s plan is unwavering and will fetch him the best of results. However, only till the boards. Of course the results will last forever impacting his admissions throughout his career. But that is as far as it goes.

On  the other hand, Maddy’s plans might not be sorted on what exactly to do apart from board preparations, but he’s in an unconventional direction. Upon discovering something such as a skill to develop or a course to get engaged with, will serve its purpose for a long time to come. And of course at the same providing him with a refresher from strenuous board preparations.

If we were 20 years back from where we are now, Robin’s plan has no loose ends. But it is 2021. Coming out fresh from the year-long impact (still ongoing) of a global pandemic, times are neither normal nor easy going since 2020. 

“How To Prepare For Board Exams Class 10”- The 2021 Way!

With the board exams now scheduled for May, the coming 4 months of 2021 starting from this February, are extremely crucial. 

The ever increasing competition has reached an all time high. And, marks serve the only purpose of elimination when it comes to securing admission to top colleges of the country.

Thus, you have to be more than your marks.

Here, the winning point goes to Maddy!

“Okay, but how exactly can Maddy’s idea be translated into a tangible practice”?

Well, let’s find out!

Dividing the coming months as per events, we get,

  1. March & April: Pre-Boards
  2. May & June: Boards
  3. You are in XI before you realize

I know what you are thinking.


Well, the answer is a Planned Summer Program.

I hear the first thoughts, “Time Consuming?”.

Not at all!  Development and Preparation can distinctly be two simultaneous aspects of a collective exercise.

In a Planned Summer Program, 2-3 hours of your day will be spent on learning something that excites you as well as serves a purpose in the future.

Since it can be anything of your interest, it’ll certainly be a refresher from your hectic schedule for board preparations.

Now that the objective is clear, let us go through the top 4 things you can do to spend the most productive summer of your career.

1. Build A Solid Profile For Yourself

Now, what exactly do I mean by a solid profile.

“Tell us about yourself apart from your marks”- Every Top College today.

This is the current state of admission trends today. Just good grades won’t make the cut for you. An overall excellence in academic and non-academic spheres is the demand. 

And after your boards, it’s 24 months before applying for graduation. Making this summer, the prime time for clarity and the first step.

The Non-academic sphere can include a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Accomplishing which of them will help your development depends upon the career path you choose based upon your strengths and interests.

Take Your First Step To A Profile Beyond Grades

2. Virtual Internships

Accomplishing a task early in the day boosts your spirits throughout the day. Thus, improving your productivity. I’m sure you have felt that.

Now, imagine the most productive form of it. Beginning your day at the corporate table of a multinational firm. Spending an hour or two understanding their work and also having to play a role. 

All of that from the convenience of your home. Given the ongoing Work From Home culture. The experience, the networking possibilities, and the exposure; all up for the grabs.

Then calling it a day to proceed as per your own routine on how to prepare for board exams class 10!

So satisfying!

Which Internship Should You Choose?  

3. Entrance preparations

I know how tiring it sounds, but hear me out.

On an average it takes 2 years to prepare for a top tier entrance examination. 

The number of months between you now and your graduation = ?

The preparation for an entrance test of your choice can be as light as possible now. 

Remember our objective here is to have a clear head start. The gears can be upped any time in the future.

Given the objective format of most entrance tests, solving a few questions will take your minds off of board preparations.

How Can I Start My Entrance Preparation?

4. Life Skills

Your ideas are as good as their presentation to begin with, and the skills to execute them against all odds.

Yes, we are talking about life skills!

Your personality plays a major role in all aspects of your personal and professional spheres life long. 

Be it leadership skills, analytical skills, or critical thinking skills, you stand apart from a crowd based on your hold on real-life skills.

So, why not invest this summer to walk out as a better version of yourself along with the successful grades?

Explore the Essential Life Skills That Shape Success!


So, there we are. After losing out on 2020, the 4 best ways you can make 2021 the most productive summer of your life!

Packing Development and Preparation together.

Is it going to be just a preparation for 3 months, or an investment for years to come?

How To Prepare For Board Exams Class 10– You Tell Me.

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