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It’s 2021, and after the disaster that 2020 was, you really need to make this year count! That means, making the most of every possible opportunity this year. Which includes getting more out of the summer vacation than just some quality time with the remote – or gaming console! Let us show you how to spend summer vacations differently this year!

Maybe you have some travel plans for the summer. More likely, you will still look for things to do at home in summer this year, given the state of the world. If that’s the case, we have some suggestions of interesting activities to do at home, so that you can make the most of your summer vacation.


How to spend summer vacations fruitfully 


Learn a new skill this summer

Summer holidays are a great time to learn new things. There is no (less?) pressure of studies, you are relaxed, you have time to really try out things you’ve only thought about all year long. Be it learning how to code, attending art classes, or trying your hand at creative writing, there are any number of things to do at home in summer this year.

The best part is, for many of these activities, you don’t even have to step out of home. Think video-based classes and online instruction! There is no dearth of free as well as paid classes out there for practically anything you wish to learn. Question is, what will you choose?


Overcome a fear while you beat the heat

overcoming a fear is a great way to spend summer this year

Did you know that the Number 1 fear amongst people the world over is the fear of public speaking? Unless you’re part of that rare group of people who never get stage fright and enjoy making speeches in public, you know how that feels.

What if this summer you could face that fear, and beat it, by turning into an ace orator? That’s exactly what you can do with summer programs like the Masterclass in Public Speaking. Maybe you could use your summer break to turn this fear into your biggest strength!

Experience your dream career from home

What if the list of probable activities to do at home included a trial run of some of your ideal careers? You could experience your shortlisted careers from up close and finally figure out what works for you. Wouldn’t that be really awesome? 

With a Virtual Internship, you can do just that. Spend just a couple of hours in the comfort of your home, exploring a career you wish to know better. Find out what qualifications and qualities you need, to succeed in the field. Finalise a dream career this summer through the summer programs on offer at Univariety. 

Explore available Virtual Internships

Spend the summer turning a hobby into a super-power

Confused? It’s actually quite simple. The competition for college admissions is so fierce that universities need to use criteria other than marks to judge you by. Hence, more and more colleges are now looking at their candidates’ non-academic profiles as well. This includes hobbies that add specific value to your candidature – not just any random hobby will do!

The ideal hobby that can super-power your college application would be one that is related to the course you are applying for, and helps you showcase mastery of a skill.  Do you have a great profile that can help you stand out from the crowd? If not, it’s still not too late. Why not explore how summer programs in profile building can help you turn a hobby into a super-power?

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This summer, improve your score

If you are hoping to study abroad, or even at one of the top progressive Indian universities like Ashoka University, then you would know the importance of the SAT exam. Students who are serious about their SAT scores generally start preparing at least a year before, so that they can take the SAT multiple times.

If studying abroad is your dream, consider dedicating some time this summer vacation to preparing for SAT. While test-prep may not be amongst the coolest activities to do at home, the rewards would be more than worth the effort!   


So there you have it – our suggestions for how to spend summer vacations at home this year. Which one appeals to you the most? Which would you not be keen to take up? Let us know how you plan to spend summer vacations this year! 

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