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One of the leading schools of the country is known for its innovative student-centric approach. As an extension of its vision to offer holistic guidance to its students, the school has introduced a range of best practices like Alumni Management and Alumni Guidance by bringing in digital Alumni Management System. This, in turn, helped the school in increasing its admissions by leveraging its alumni network. 

Progressive Alumni Management System

The school has implemented a cutting-edge & comprehensive Alumni Management Platform, to successfully engage with hundreds of alumni in JUST 5 steps!

Step 1: Deep Data Collection Of Alumni Network

An intensive data collection process was introduced for getting in touch with their alumni network which involved the following:

Deep Data Collection

As a result of this process, critical school alumni information was collected which included:

  • Academic Details like marks scored, course enrolled for,
  • Entrance Exams are taken,
  • College(s) applied to, enrolled in, etc.

This helped the school in providing valuable guidance from its alumni network for its current students.

alumni network system

Univariety alumni guidance system

Through deep data mining, the school has been able to collect data for more than 1000 alumni across its 11 batches.

Step 2: Insights From Alumni Network

With the data mining undertaken on alumni records, the school was able to gain the following insights for their alumni network:Alumni management systemin india

  • Course and Country shortlist made,
  • Top Colleges in which alumni secured admissions in,
  • Scholarships received, etc.

This resulted in the creation of a powerful document which assisted the admissions team while guiding the prospective parents on the school’s alumni network and success record

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Step 3: Training of School Admissions Team

In-depth training sessions were conducted by Univariety for the school’s admissions team. This helped them gain an understanding of the importance of the alumni network for improving school admissions. They also gained perspective on:

  • Ways to address prospective parents queries,
  • Leveraging alumni network for showcasing school’s success, and
  • Utilizing technology and system for guiding parents better

Univariety training process

Step 4: Showcase of Alumni Management System

The admissions team was also trained in a step-by-step manner on the Univariety platform to draw insights and reports for answering prospective parents’ queries.

oakridge intennational school

The school’s vision for students’ success was re-affirmed by translating that to a technological platform and training its admission’s team on the same.

Step 5: Alumni Network Connect with Prospective Parents

alumni connection

Oakridge alumni answered prospective parents’ queries on the school’s academic record, growth opportunities beyond campus, and courses on offer.

The Progress

The school registered a 15% increase in admissions due to its consistent alumni interaction which forms an integral part of its long term vision to ensure students’ success. The two main areas which led to this improved conversion were:

A) Alumni Interaction: This included alumni-led workshops with students by :

Alumni students

Topics like:

  • Career and college planning,
  • Developing a college-ready profile,
  • Application processes, etc.

alumni network system

prospective parents

B)  A one-on-one session with Parents: The alumni were brought on campus to answer queries of prospective parents who were on campus for the admission process.

C) System Showcase to Prospective Parents: This helped them understand the school’s impact on their students’ careers and life beyond campus and the school’s success record.

The school has demonstrated a long term commitment for its students’ success by bringing in digital technology from Univariety which goes beyond campus and into the everyday lives of its alumni. In addition, the school was able to achieve this feat without spending much on advertising and making the best possible use of its own asset and brand ambassadors: its Alumni!

So what are you waiting for?

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Monika Bakshi

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