In an era where disruptors and leaders are recognized for their contribution across the business, medicine, cinema, technology, etc. why is education NOT there yet? 

Let’s begin with a question

When was the LAST time a Leader in Education graced the covers of a prominent magazine like TIME, Forbes or Business Insider? 

The answer is NEVER!

With India emerging as the youngest country in the world with an active student population of 315 million, how come education leaders are not being recognized for their contribution beyond the fraternity?

While leaders in other industries receive recognition for their contribution, the leaders in the education industry are not given due acknowledgment. When education forms the basis for life’s future, it is quite surprising that leaders in the present are the least recognised of all, if at all they are.

Leaders in Education? Who?

Some of us are even unclear as to who a Leader in Education is. 

Let’s break it down. 

Educational leaders are those who unite teachers, students, and parents with the goal of improving the quality of education and the education system itself, consistently.  Someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the overall growth of the school in terms of bringing changes in pedagogies, curriculum and overall development of the school ecosystem. 

Leaders that have the vision to bring in progress in the lives of thousands of students, teachers and the Indian education space. 

But How so?

Leaders in Education are shaping the future by –
  • Using the latest knowledge in teaching, content, and organizational theory
  • Supporting societal change that will increase all students’ learning
  • ensuring academic success through training improvements

With such a HUGE impact being made, we believe that it is time that Education Leaders get their due share.

Bringing excellence in education will provide qualitative education among all and will contribute towards the betterment of education. Recognising leaders will only strengthen the overall education framework and spearhead the drive towards qualitative learning. 

Got you thinking?

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