Just Like the diverse culture that India is known for, it is also famous for its own unique college culture. Colleges are places where cultures blend, traditions mix and ethnicities merge. The more varied the students, the more interesting the college culture becomes. Here are some interesting takeaways from life at Indian colleges.

1). VIRUS was right. Life starts with a race


Yes, the great VIRU Shahastrabuddhe was right in ‘3 idiots’ when he stated that life in Indian colleges starts with a race. It all starts when you write tough entrance tests and then wait for the results with bated breath. (Not literally because you cannot possibly wait for 20-25 days without breathing.)

2). Keep running or you will be run over


Once you have entered the fray, you keep running or you are run over by others. The mindset has been constructed as such. No good arguing against it (unless you are acting in a movie.)

3). Best talent of students: giving nicknames to lecturers

Best talent of students

There is no dearth of talent among students, especially when it comes to giving nicknames to the lecturers. No matter how qualified, skilled and capable the lecturer is, they just cannot escape the noose of nicknames.

4). Assignments are treated as a torture


Study assignments are treated as nothing short of torture. Only an NGO remains to be established against this great ‘suffering’ of the students. The easiest way to become a college superhero is: write and complete the assignments of your friends (if you manage to complete yours on time.)

5). D-day: the day when results are to be declared

Results are awaited with the same enthusiasm and fear as a convict awaits his/her verdict. There is no other day you will see students so sober except on this great D-day.


6). Marks decide your life


Marks become more important than figures which indicate your blood pressure. Students cater to the lecturers (some even doing odd jobs to earn their ‘recognition’) and treat the marks like a miser treats his gold.

7). Students and the great art of Jugaad (improvisation)

Students and the great art of Jugaad

Ever heard about the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”? You can get its visual proofs in Indian colleges where students have mastered an art called ‘Jugaad’ which roughly translates into improvisation. A classic example of Jugaad can be seen above.

8). Canteen: the official meeting place


It’s not a coincidence that the words ‘eating’ and ‘meeting’ rhyme with each other. If you want something to be discussed seriously, then Canteen is the place (as it will assure full attendance.)

9). You drive your vehicle either like Paul Walker or Garfield

You drive your vehicle

If you own a vehicle, then you either drive like you are attempting to fly it on a runway or like the lazy cat Garfield when it is attempting to drive a tricycle. The speed depends on your mood, how many friends you have onboard and of course the fact as to who has paid for the fuel. With all the ups and downs, college life is considered the best phase of life for every student. Unfortunately, they realise it after it has ended. For those who are yet to go through this unforgettable period, plan carefully, enjoy it and make the most out of it.