Meridian School, one of the leading schools in the US has been a consistent feature on US News’ National Rankings. It was ranked 6th and earned a gold medal for its excellence in education.

Meridian School

meridian school

Meridian School is an IB curriculum focused institution located in Round Rock, Texas.  The IB curriculum has been known to develop students’ intellectual and personal skills keeping them in sync with the ever-changing world dynamics and skill requirements. Like any standard IB school, Meridian also has required its students to take up a two-year program in each of the six subject groups on offer, namely:

  • Theory of Knowledge,
  • Creativity,
  • Action & Service,
  • CAS program, and
  • Extended Service to name a few.

The school also provides a cutting edge ‘Triple-A’ program which ensures that its students are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes toBeyond Academicsas well!

Triple-A: All Rounder Approach towards Education

Triple-A is an effort to offer a joyous extension to a student’s day at Meridian. The Triple-A program consists of:

  • Arts
  • Ala carte, and
  • After School Program

This program is in line with the school’s vision to create students who have a balanced approached towards life by enabling them through integrated service-learning mechanisms, intercultural awareness, mental acuity programs and creative approach towards education.

Let us understand in detail how the 3 pillars of the Triple-A program enable students,

  • Arts: This program helps in developing self-expression among students and challenges them to ideate and communicate through visual and performing arts. The main aim of the Arts program is to encourage discipline and creative expression.
  • A la carte: With the sole focus of making students develop a love for learning and engage in new hobbies, the program has that X factor to it. Students can extend their working day in school and rejuvenate themselves while serving the dual purpose of:
    • GoingBeyond Academicsthrough programs
    • Making students go through an experience thus making them ready for the future be it finding their true course interests, college preparation, etc.
  • After School: This rotational enrichment program helps students build on their academic, social, emotional and physical skills. This being a customized program while taking into account, a student’s core needs and staffs’ interests, provides students with an opportunity to work on homework, improve their awareness, boosts their academic skills and much more.

The Outcome: Overall Excellence  

school excellence With the school’s rigorous academic programs and ‘Beyond Academics’ programs i.e. the Triple-A program, the school has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the US education system.

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