MIT Gave This Student A Full Tuition Wavier Because He Went To Yale!


Dreams, aspirations, career goals and future plans are words frequently used by professionals in their day-to-day conversations. But for high school students, these words are limited to their English essays. Between the ages of 25 and 45, we realise that we should have started using these words much earlier in life to have had a much more successful and fulfilling career.

On the other hand, there are a few kids, who realise the meaning and potential of these words and act upon them when the time is right and the iron is hot. One such kid is Ayush, a Kendriya Vidyalaya student from Kanpur who wanted to learn, not just study, the depths of science. For as long as he could remember, he had aspired to study in a great college, to learn from the best educators and broaden his horizons.

“Attending Summer Program from Yale changed the course of his life.”

Coming from a family of limited means didn’t deter him for aiming high and aspiring to study in the creme de la creme of the educational world. What he lacked in the bank account, he made up for, with hard work and intelligence. With the right guidance and counselling, he shortlisted things do, in grade 11 and 12, to be able to pursue an undergraduate course in his dream university. His biggest obstacle was working on his English speaking skills. With rigorous practice, he overcame it.

Ayush next looked at attending an international summer program to gain exposure and to get an insight of what it feels like to study abroad. He applied for the Yale Global Scholar Program. His intelligence and the never give up attitude opened doors at Yale with a full tuition waiver.

Attending this program, transformed him completely. Thinking back to the moment, he says

“I’ve developed the ability to take on challenges and risks. Now I know I can do something which is not entirely familiar to me.”

What followed next wasn’t too hard to guess. With a new perspective and advanced insights, he started preparing for SAT and TOEFL along with documenting his experiences for a fabulous statement of purpose. Like a domino effect, things started falling in place and within no time Ayush heard from MIT. He not just got through but bagged a full tuition waiver of INR 1 Cr!!

Who would have thought that attending one Summer Program could set things in motion that no one could anticipate?

Are your students aware that taking a Summer Program could transform them and open doors to the best universities around the world?



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