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Capt. Chopra’s Univariety Story! 

Right after my son, Dhruv finished his Class X exams, we started to weigh his options. Having done fairly well in his Class X boards, Dhruv had the IITs on his list. In hindsight, I suppose it was only because that was the preference of most children who pursued Science in Classes XI and XII. Regardless, IIT was Plan A and all of us had accepted that. But, life had something different planned for us.

Along Came Univariety

We already had a Univariety success story in the household- my sister’s daughter who is now studying in the UK. Confident that Dhruv too would benefit from career counselling, she connected us with the team. As parents of a teenage student, we were filled with apprehension. There were too many uncertainties about how the year would pan out. That’s when we spoke and met with Rakhi Toshniwal who went on to become our omnipresent angel. Rakhi took the onus of presenting a crystal clear roadmap to us and followed up at every stage. 

In fact, Rakhi was so efficient at what she did that before we knew it, IIT was moved to Plan B. Sending Dhruv to study in one of the best foreign universities became Plan A. 

The Univariety Difference 

Thanks to the clear path that Rakhi had laid out for us, we knew what we had to do. Once we started looking at foreign universities, she wasted no time in recommending that Dhruv take the SAT- an examination none of us knew anything about. But, Rakhi took us through the format of the test, suggested a few coaching institutes, and soon, Dhruv took the SAT. 

As soon as his SAT results came out, she asked him to prepare for the IELTS and the subject SATs. She also sat with us and keeping our preferences and Dhruv’s interests and aptitudes in mind made a list of colleges. To help us understand our position, she even classified them into ‘Safe’, ‘Best Fit’, and ‘Reach’. This classification really served as a good vantage point for us to finally come to a decision. 

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Counsellor In Every Sense Of The Word 

A good career counsellor must be approachable. And Rakhi was just that and much more. She was available for us throughout our journey. Moreover, she knew what she was doing and was in total control at all times. We could trust her. I don’t recall a single time that she wasn’t aware or was unable to address my queries. And as Dhruv’s father, I definitely had my share of questions to ask her. But, she was so patient and understanding. It was truly an incredible experience to have been guided by her. 

You Can Trust Univariety For Your Child’s Future 

Sometimes, even parents need the help of professionals to guide us through things we are not very aware of or experienced with. Having a counsellor to handhold your child frees up a lot of time and space in your mind. This allows you to focus on other things. What’s more, your child ends up making a choice that he/she will definitely be happy about. I have already recommended Univariety’s services to my friends and family and suggest that all parents of Class IX- Class XII students consider career counselling as well! 


Capt. Vikram Chopra is a happy client of Univariety’s career counselling services. His son Dhruv worked with Univariety Counsellor Rakhi Toshniwal for a little over two years. Her timely career guidance and support played an instrumental role in helping Dhruv obtain admission in the highly-reputed Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 

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