Almost 72% of Grade 8 students have already planned out their career paths. That’s actually a statistic that baffles parents, students and educators alike. 

How can this be the case?

Well, a number of factors have led to this interesting statistic. One of them being the rise of cutting edge Psychometric Tests, which are tools to gauge a student’s aptitude, interest and personality type. These tests serve as tools of self-exploration, awareness and the fundamental reference point for career counselling.

But, why should your students take up Psychometric Tests?

For identifying a Best-Fit Career.

With hundreds of newer careers arising every month, thousands of courses to choose from, lakhs of college options to try for, and more such factors contributing to the ever-growing maze to reach that perfect career, Psychometric tests form that guiding light in their journey.  

Psychometric Tests: Pick your Type

Psychometric Tests offer insights into different dimensions of your personality and with Univariety’s leading Psychometric tests, you can enable your students to make the right career decisions, at the RIGHT time!

Let’s have a look at the types of Psychometric Tests on offer:

Psychometric Test Types
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  • Ideal Career Test: With more than 200+ career professionals having worked on its creation and updating, this test helps your students understand their strengths and personality type better.
  • Personality Type Assessment: This test gives critical insights into a student’s inherent drives and motivations to help you understand their strengths and potential challenges.
  • Multiple Intelligences Test: Developed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, this assessment uses proprietary technology to match your student’s intelligence to best-fit career options.
  • Learning Styles Test: Based on ‘The Learning Style Questionnaire’ developed by Rita and Kenneth Dunn, analyzes your student’s learning preferences, concentration and study needs.
  • Stream Selector Test: Developed on the RIASEC theory, this test helps your student in determining the stream to opt for after Grade 10. It helps in determining one’s verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude.

In addition, there are 3 specific stream specific tests for students of engineering, humanities, and commerce to help choose their specific domains within their stream of choice.

Click on the video link below to know more about the types of psychometric tests:



To give your students the Univariety EDGE!

Psychometric Tests: Value for your School

Your school derives merit from Univariety’s Psychometric Tests in a 4 fold manner.

Let’s have a look:

Univariety's Psychometric Tests
Univariety’s Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests hold the key to your student’s bright future as they plug in the missing gap of identifying your students’ real career inclinations with actual career decisions.


To give your students the Univariety EDGE!



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