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Online Internships!

I’m sure most of you have already looked up this term on the internet by now. 

And, why not? If there is an ideal time to pursue and achieve one or more non-academic feats, it has to be the summers.

The reasons being:

  • No homework to worry about
  • No exams for the coming 3-4 months 
  • Lots of Spare Time (Binging shows you wouldn’t normally watch. We all have.)

Now, following your searches on the internet, you must have a brief idea of what can be done for online internships this summer. 

But, ‘What is the most important thing you plan to take out of any internship you choose”?


I heard you loud and clear.

Now, here’s an interesting fact. 3 out of 4 students in the country choose online internships based on popularity, not interests.

So, completing my question, “What will you do of this Experience that you gain”?

Is it just participation that you are looking for along with a certification that supports it?

A big ‘No’ right?

Then I have a way to help you find an online internship, the experience of which shall benefit you for long years to come. And yes, also a certificate for the same. 😉

Now, here’s a short story for you before we dive into the details. All to help you understand the difference between, ‘an’ internship and ‘the’ internship.

A Glance Into The Past

It was the year 1970, and the stage was set for the World Champions Italy and Brazil to lock horns for the first time in a Football World Cup Final.

(Football fan or not, there’s something really fascinating coming up!)

The attendance of the stadium was over 110,000. And football being the most popular sport in the world, the number of people watching the game live was close to 1 Billion.

The teams come on to the field for the national anthems and enter the best player to ever grace the game. The footballing God himself, Pele.

Now, the part I really want you to focus on.

Just before the match starts, Pele bends down to tie his footballing boots. His PUMA boots.

With over a billion people watching, the most celebrated player of all time is tying his PUMA boots for 10 seconds straight. 

Yes, it was a marketing strategy for which PUMA paid Pele $120,000. 

51 years and this is still one of the best marketing strategies ever in history.

Now, there’s a strong reason why I shared this story. (Drum Rolls!)

Today, you have a chance to intern with the company behind such a mind-boggling strategy. 

Yes, PUMA. The third-largest sports brand in the world.

And believe me when I say, be it online internships or desk internships, it doesn’t get any bigger, brighter, or better!

Also, an internship of this scale, so early in your career gives an unreal boost to your student profile.

Now, let’s learn about the online internship program in detail.

PUMA Online Internship– Overview

Virat Kohli, Sunil Chetri, Mary Kom, A.B. De Villiers, Neymar Jr., and many more. You’ll see all these global icons sporting their exclusive Puma apparel line ups.

As a result, PUMA is a household name today in India.

How did PUMA achieve this status? Well, you can be a part of the entire process, to find it out for yourself.

Know More About The Puma Online Internship Program

And, with the FIFA World Cup-2022 almost here, you can also partake in their extensive marketing strategy for the global event. 

With the PUMA Online Internship, you’ll:

  • Go through 15 levels of awesome simulation, experience what it takes to be in a corporate set up at one of the World’s BIGGEST Companies
  • Help the PUMA marketing team come up with strategies to position, brand, and sell their new product in a hyper-competitive market.
  • Learn the skills necessary to land some of the highest-paying jobs in the world or start something of your own.

Now, let’s learn about the tangible outcomes you’ll get from your PUMA Online Internship.

PUMA Internship– What will the Online Internship Give Me? 

After the successful completion of the online internship, these are the following things you’ll find yourself with.

1. A Puma Marketing Certification

A glowing certificate from PUMA showcasing your newfound marketing skills. The certificate is certain to add immense value to your applications to colleges and even professional opportunities later in life. 

Well, honestly speaking, an achievement like this is almost impossible to overlook.


2. A Detailed Internship Performance Report

Are you good at branding?
Perhaps marketing research is what you’re great at.
Or is event-based marketing your calling?

Understand at a DEEP level how your internship at Puma turned out. Then work on your weak areas and become a 360-degree marketer. 

3. Real-World Experience

Now, when you have been in a brainstorming room with professionals of the highest degree your skillset develops and gets shaped significantly.

“You are as good as your company”. (Pun Intended)

4.Open Doors to Multiple Career Options

I won’t bother you with the corporate details but with the PUMA Online Internship, you learn more than just marketing.

Having interned with the best in the industry takes your outlook towards opportunities and adversities to a whole new level. From there on what are the best suited real-life applications for you, you are to decide!

Well, that’s all for this article. The difference between ‘an’ internship and ‘the’ internship is as broad a river now. Choose the best!

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