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Class XII: Student Journey Series

career guidance

In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’: A Unique milestone approach to making crucial career-related decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. In Part V, we explore the journey for Class XII. In the previous part, we covered what the student journey is […]

Why Students Need Career Guidance in Schools?

why student need career guidance in schools

We have all heard of the term Career Guidance and are aware that it is important. Career guidance can be termed as a comprehensive program designed to assist individuals mostly students make informed career decisions.  Career Counselling and Career Guidance plays a pivotal role, especially for students of Class 9-11. Students in these academic levels […]

UniVoice Vol. II

Top Educators voice in india

In our last feature, UniVoice we featured educators of the country and their response to our Education Survey, 2019. The insights definitely helped us understand how to perceive various trends in Education.  In our Second Edition, we present educators who are making a difference in their Schools.  Every fourth Saturday of October, we celebrate the Make […]