A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Did you know that 84% of students who built their profiles from Grade 8 onwards were actually able to secure a scholarship at their Dream University? but

How Can Your Students Build Their Profiles?

Through Summer Programs! These Pre-College Summer Programs guide your students towards identifying a possible career path of their interest, spend their Summers in the most productive way possible, and gain a real-time ACTUAL college experience in just a few days!

One such leading Summer Program is at St. George’s University in the scenic island of Grenada in West Indies. Founded in 1976, the University has been one of the largest producers of quality medical professionals across the world. In order to guide students better in choosing a career in Medicine, the University has launched the Summer Leadership Academy program to guide students of Grades 9 to 12.  The program enables students to gain clarity if Medicine is the career that they want to pursue in the future and helps them take a call on the specialization as well, thus saving crucial time in the career planning process and avoiding career dilemmas later on.

The Med-Vet Summer Leadership Academy provides students with a unique opportunity to balance academics in a challenging discipline like Medicine along with their extracurricular activities. The program offers:

  • Lectures on varying disciplines of Medicine,
  • Problem-solving sessions,
  • Practical lab work in state-of-the-art facilities, and
  • Hands-on training through simulated real-life situations

ahlcon intennational school logoA one-of-a-kind Summer Leadership program, it is one of the rarest of Medicine oriented programs with no Indian counterpart, thus making it a hit among Indian students with over a dozen students attending the program in 2018. One such participant, Ms. Reet Kohli, a student of Ahlcon International School, New Delhi attended the Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy at SGU in 2018.


Hailing from New Delhi, this Grade 12 student belongs to a family of doctors and has always wanted to become a doctor since Grade 6. Enrolling in the Summer Program gave her an opportunity to explore the practical aspects of the course which she expects to pursue in the future.


She shares her experience in her own words:

This was my first time traveling alone, but once I got here it has been a really fun experience and I feel at home in Grenada. It is such a beautiful place. My parents were very supportive of me coming here and very happy that I was going to get this opportunity. In India, we are taught from the textbooks, so although we know what a cadaver is, to actually see one in real life was a truly great experience. Getting to wear a stethoscope, using all the equipment that doctors use and hearing the professors refer to you as ‘doctor’ is just an amazing feeling. This experience has given me more confidence that yes, this is what I want to do with my life. Putting on those scrubs, I can imagine myself living in them for the rest of my life. The Summer Leadership Academy at St. George University was an amazing experience for me. The program was well-planned and balanced with lots of learning and fun. It not only gave me a glimpse of the practical aspects of medicine as a profession but also how it is to study in med school, which further instilled in me pride and confidence about the profession l have chosen. The infrastructure and state-of-the-art and campus surrounded by natural beauty, making it an ideal environment for learning. The teaching methodology at St. George requires a special mention as it is largely experiential, where medical concepts are taught using practical examples. I feel thoroughly enriched with this experience and have made friends here for life.”

So what are you waiting for?

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Monika Bakshi

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