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Choosing a career is among the most important decisions a person has to take quite early on in his/her life. We spend half the time that we are awake, working. So, it is not only wise but also very necessary to choose to do something that we love. That being said, it is also important to be good at what we do. So, how does one find a balance between the two?

It is said that the Ideal Career is a mix of interest and aptitude. You like something and you’re quite good at it to start working and you keep building the required skill set as you progress in your career. However, how many of us even asked ourselves this question when we had to choose a career? 

How Can Univariety Reduce the Gap between Dream Career and Ideal Career? 

Through a series of Psychometric Tests that were taken by students from our partner schools, we found that 6 out of 10 students had a completely different set of aspirations from those aptitudes that were required for their Ideal Career. 

Are Your Students Aware of What Careers They Should Ideally Have?

A Test to Tell Your Students What is their Ideal Career 

Like we have already established, while interest in a certain career is very important, one must also possess an appropriate mindset, skillset and an overall aptitude for it. This is where the Ideal Career Test comes into the picture. By answering a few important questions, students can assess their aptitudes for and strengths in a certain field and map these to their aspirations in that particular field. 

Over 9000 students from 100+ schools took the Ideal Career Test and more than 80% of them had 1 or less than 1 factor in common between their interests and their aptitudes. This goes to show that while a lot of students want to pursue a certain career, 8 out of 10 students don’t necessarily possess the skillset for it.

aspiration vs aptitude

In the graph above, on the X-axis, one can see how many subjects were in common between the student’s individual choice and the suggestions made by the Ideal Career Report. As you can see, almost 5500 students had no subjects in common, which comes to around 60% of the population.

How Can Schools Make Their Students Ready for their Dream Careers? 

Schools have an instrumental role to play in moulding these students for their dream careers.

You must intervene and help your students through a report like the Ideal Career. Utilizing the help of a professional career counsellor, students can identify areas of improvement so that their skills are in more alignment with the aptitudes needed for their dreams careers. They could also consider taking up a different career path for which they have a stronger aptitude. Either way, students are empowered enough to make an informed decision. Now, this is absolutely essential. 

Just a simple test can provide an insight into an integral aspect of a person’s life. So, it is crucial. As you might already know, knowledge forms the bedrock of new-age career guidance. 

Try New-Age Career Guidance In Your School

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    Mehar Anand Reply

    Yes, I think it’s right and necessary. Because it’s a very high percentage of people, potentially dissatisfied with their job.
    Of course, students do not have enough experience to choose an occupation without fail. In addition, many of them do not know their strengths and weaknesses.
    Taking this test will help students understand themselves better. Even I would like to take a test like this to know for sure whether I made the right choice.

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