Tag: Beyond Academics

Disruptor in Indian Education: Trinity International School

With a majority of Indian schools offering extracurricular activities to their students, Trinity International School has taken this to the…

Meridian School’s ‘Triple A’ Program for Student Excellence

Meridian School, one of the leading schools in the US has been a consistent feature on US News’ National Rankings….

Diva Sharma – The girl who chased her Stanford dreams albeit in an uncanny way

When dreamers and achievers deeply believe in something, they run with their ideas. And success begins to chase after them…

MHRD Recognizes Institutions of Eminence

The Indian government recently conferred the status of ‘Institutions of Eminence’ (IoEs) to three public and three private academic institutions….

Indian education reform: Yoga, Sports to be a part of curriculum

It says a lot about our society when a balanced diet is a more popular topic of conversation and concern…

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