Tag: Beyond Academics

Disruptor in Indian Education: Trinity International School

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a majority of Indian schools offering extracurricular activities to their students, Trinity International School has taken this to the…

Meridian School’s ‘Triple A’ Program for Student Excellence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Meridian School, one of the leading schools in the US has been a consistent feature on US News’ National Rankings….

Diva Sharma – The girl who chased her Stanford dreams albeit in an uncanny way

Reading Time: 3 minutes When dreamers and achievers deeply believe in something, they run with their ideas. And success begins to chase after them…

MHRD Recognizes Institutions of Eminence

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Indian government recently conferred the status of ‘Institutions of Eminence’ (IoEs) to three public and three private academic institutions….

Indian education reform: Yoga, Sports to be a part of curriculum

Reading Time: 3 minutes It says a lot about our society when a balanced diet is a more popular topic of conversation and concern…

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