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Why Students Need Career Guidance in Schools?

why student need career guidance in schools

We have all heard of the term Career Guidance and are aware that it is important. Career guidance can be termed as a comprehensive program designed to assist individuals mostly students make informed career decisions.  Career Counselling and Career Guidance plays a pivotal role, especially for students of Class 9-11. Students in these academic levels […]

Savvy, Smart, Successful Schools Connect with Universities, Do You?

university guidance

How many Indian students are aware of the plethora of university options in store for them? While students abroad receive top university guidance through career counselors, university representatives and more, students here do not receive that much of an impetus when it comes to top university guidance.                                       University connect is the key to aiding […]

Does Indian Education Need a Revamp?

With the upcoming LokSabha elections loaded with political parties election manifestos promising better education for all, improved teacher training and autonomy of higher education institutions among a few, one is prompted to take a pause and reflect. Is the Indian Education system staring at a MEGA revamp?  We took expert suggestions and came up with […]