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Meet the Real-Life Iqbals

inspiring student journey

When opportunity meets preparation, then miracles can happen. Two such real instances occurred recently where students coming from underprivileged backgrounds created history in their own right. Let us give them a round of applause for their path-breaking achievements. Student Name: Mr. Asharam Chaudhary Feat: Securing an MBBS seat at AIIMS Hometown: Vijayganj Mandi Village, Dewas […]

Diva Sharma – The girl who chased her Stanford dreams albeit in an unc

Stanford University

When dreamers and achievers deeply believe in something, they run with their ideas. And success begins to chase after them even when the dream is as big as admission at Stanford University. Diva Sharma (Stanford University) Diva Sharma, a passionate techie, and public speaker proves this effortlessly and has a long list of accomplishments to vouch for […]