When it comes to universities, only those which were established hundreds of years ago have managed to gain reputation and recognition in the academic circles. One can look at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and so on. They have been there for so long that they now symbolise the very concept of higher education.


With the world rapidly transforming, especially in terms of education, it’s nearly impossible for a university to rise in rankings above well established universities which are already in the race since long. However, you will be astounded how the Nanyang Technological University –despite being a ‘kid on the block’- emerged as the 13th best university in the world. It also beat many famous universities to become the 2nd best university in the whole of Asia.

The birth


The Nanyang Technological University, usually referred to as NTU was born with the merger of two educational establishments; the Nanyang Technological Institute and the National Institute of Education, in 1991. Just 24 years ago.

The stunning ranks

With years, NTU rapidly rose as a highly efficient centre of higher education. It had started with a modest beginning but it added many courses and the number of students rose. The university faculty managed the academics so brilliantly and the management built such a strong reputation for their establishment that in the year 2015, it was ranked 13 in the top universities across the world by the famous QS World University Rankings.


NTU not only ranked 13th best in the world universities, it also gained high ranks in specific subjects which show how balanced and well administered all its departments are. It secured 2nd rank in the whole world in the subjects of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Materials Science, Education and Communication & Media Studies. It also ranked 3rd in Accounting and Finance.

The cutting edge research


Since its inception, NTU has gained prominence for the advanced research it conducts and the huge opportunities it provides for researchers. A recent example is the ambitious $8 million maritime energy test bed which will conduct research on alternative sources of energy or clean fuels to decrease pollution.

The latest ways of teaching


Even in general studies, NTU has been known for experimenting with various ways of education. Recently, it announced that it will spend $75 million to implement a new way of learning which it calls the ‘flipped classroom model.’ Students in this model will have more independence and will be given the chance to access course content on their own to give them more opportunities to discuss it with professors in the classrooms.

NTU also has a high speed internet which connects all university computers and enables e-learning for students.

The physical beauty


NTU has 3 campuses, the Yunnan Garden Campus, the NTU at one-north and the Novena Campus. All the three campuses are known for their overwhelmingly beautiful atmosphere. The Yunnan Garden Campus is the primary campus of NTU. Spread across 200 hectares, it is the largest university campus on the island of Singapore. As the name suggests, the campus seems more like a garden than a university campus.